What is Mullein Ear Oil?

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Mullein ear oil is a popular homeopathic remedy used to treat ear infections, ear aches, and swimmer’s ear. Some people believe that it is both more effective and gentler than other remedies, such as antibiotics. For hundreds of years, this ear oil has been used to reduce ear pain and treat infections of the middle ear. It is made from olive oil that is infused with flowers from the common plant mullein, also called Verbascum thapsus.

The common mullein is native to southern and central Europe as well as sections of Asia. It will grow in most temperate or mild climates, making it common in gardens across the United States and Western Europe. The flowers, which are are rose-shaped and yellow in color, are collected for a wide variety of medical purposes during the summer.

Many medical providers have become aware that the over-use of antibiotics may reduce their effectiveness. As a result, some providers are looking for good alternatives to antibiotics, such as mullein ear oil. These practitioners claim that the oil works as well as antibiotics, without becoming less effective.


Generally, to treat an ear ache, several droplets of warm mullein ear oil may be placed in the ear canal. Then, the ear may be covered with a warm cloth. Sometimes the oil can be combined with other oils, such as St. John’s wort. In that case, the ear canal should be stuffed with cotton balls. Many people find that the placement of a warm water bottle over the ear will keep the ear warm and help alleviate the symptoms of the ear ache as well.

The oil typically is applied to the ear canal and then massaged into the middle ear. Many practitioners recommend that the oil be applied several times a day. Before using this product, however, it is important to be certain that the ear drum is not punctured or perforated.

Although it is easiest to purchase mullein ear oil from a homeopathic pharmacy, it may also be made at home. Simply use a mortar to crush about 1 cup (229.92 g) of dried mullein flowers. Then, combine the flowers with 2 cups (500 ml) of olive oil. Two teaspoons (10 ml) of myrrh or benzoin tincture may be added to the mixture as well. The infused oil should be stored in a warm place and normally lasts about three weeks.


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Post 2

@donasmrs-- I think either type will work well. I personally us a mullein ear oil which also contains eucalyptus and tea tree oil. And the carrier oil is almond oil instead of olive oil. This formula has been working great for me. I put a drop in each ear after swimming and whenever I develop an ear ache. Mullein ear oil has definitely been preventing ear infections for me.

Of course, you should always read the ingredients carefully and avoid products with ingredients that you are allergic to. My sister, for example, is allergic to tea tree oil so she cannot use this product. It's a good idea to try a few drops of the ear oil on the arm to make sure that there are no allergic ingredients. You should do this if the product contains an ingredient that you have never used before.

Post 1

Some ear oils with mullein also have several other natural ingredients. Should I purchase this type of ear oil or an ear oil only with mullein as the active ingredient?

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