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Mr. Handyman® is both a service business and a franchise opportunity. For consumers who want to have work done around the house, Mr. Handyman® provides repair and maintenance services, performing all manner of household tasks. Mr. Handyman® charges for its services by the hour and typically accepts checks and credit cards as payment. The hourly rates may be a benefit to consumers, as they are ensured of paying only for the time it takes to get the job done rather than a possibly inflated flat rate.

This handyman company does not provide estimates for its handyman work. However, it does offer to give consumers a general idea of the length of time required to perform a task. A consumer can call the company’s customer service line for this sort of information.

One of the chief benefits of using Mr. Handyman® may be the level of safety that the company offers its customers. The handymen it sends out are employees of the company. They wear company uniforms and drive vans marked with the company name. As such, customers may feel more comfortable opening their doors for them. If they hire a handyman from a newspaper ad or from a company that uses subcontractors, their impression of security may be diminished.


It is worth noting that the fact that Mr. Handyman® handymen are employees does not guarantee safety. It just implies that the company has carefully screened its workers, which hopefully translates into less risk for the consumer. Mr. Handyman® claims that no task is too small or too large for its handymen, and it offers services throughout the United States and around the world.

Mr. Handyman® is primarily marketed towards busy, two income families and retirees who have either no time or no inclination to do certain around-the-house tasks. The company even offers gift certificates, allowing consumers to give a friend or loved one the gift of one less chore to do and extra time for relaxing or having fun.

If a person is looking for a business opportunity, he may consider Mr. Handyman® for more than just jobs around the house. He may decide to take advantage of the company’s franchise opportunity. This handyman company states that a person can become a franchisee without having any handyman skill or experience. The company provides training for running the business and managing employees who perform the around-the-house work.


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Post 3

It seems like there can never be too many reliable local handyman services available. My mother lives across the country from me, and has quite a time finding good help for jobs like this.

With so many people being out of work, I would think there would be no shortage of finding someone, but she has a hard time.

I think she would even be willing to pay a little bit more to know she could get the jobs done when she needed to. More than once she has waited for someone to come and they have never showed up.

Does anyone know how much they charge per hour for their services?

Post 2

A few years ago my son looked into a Mr. Handyman franchise. At that time, he was looking for a business opportunity and explored several options.

I know this franchise belongs to a company that has other successful franchises, one of them being a maid service company.

One nice thing about owning the franchise is you don't have to be an expert at home repairs yourself. You are responsible for the business end of the company, and hire workers who complete the jobs.

Not only do they do home repairs, but also commercial services too. This was another selling point, but my son ended up going with another opportunity.

Post 1

Being single and owning my own home, I am always needing something done around the house. There is a Mr. Handyman franchise in my town, and I have used them more than once.

I feel safer using a company like this than I would just calling some who has an ad in the paper or online.

They have been very professional and have always been able to complete the jobs I needed done. They don't give estimates, but I have not used them for any major repair jobs.

I like paying by the hour and since I am home while they are here, I know exactly how long it takes them to complete the work.

I think a service like this is a blessing for other people who are in situations similar to mine. This way I don't have to constantly bug my kids or a neighbor to help me with something.

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