What Is Mousse Blush?

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Mousse blush is a cream-style rouge or cheek make up. It is commonly used along with other make-up like mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick. There are basically three types of blush: powder, cream, and stick. Each comes in a variety of reds, pinks, peaches, and browns to complement different skin tones. The price of mousse blush varies from company to company, with the more prestigious brands costing as much as 60 times the amount of bargain blushes.

Powder blush is typically brushed on with a full bristled, medium-sized cosmetic brush. Cream blush may be applied with a dense cosmetics brush, but it typically requires a sponge or the tip of the fingers to blend in the color to the face. Mousse blush is actually a type of cream blush and is applied the same way. Stick blush can be wiped directly onto the skin. Even so, it still must be blended.

Mousse blush is sometimes called whipped blush. This is because the formula is beaten to increase the amount of air trapped with the cream, which makes it easier to apply in small, light amounts. Much like hair mousse or chocolate mousse, mousse blush has a fluffy texture. The difference between cream blush and mousse blush is that cream is dense and packed into a shallow pan while mousse is typically packaged in a small jar.


Usually mousse blush or cream blush is said to be better for dry skin. Often it contains some type of moisturizer in addition to the liquid in the formula, which theoretically reduces the skin's dryness. Most blushes, however, even stick, cream, or mousse blush, dry fairly quickly on the skin and may not produce any lasting moisturizing benefits.

There are very few advantages to mousse blush over other types of blush. It typically comes down to preference. Some consumers feel that cream blushes work better with cream or liquid foundation and that powdered blush works better with pressed powder or loose powder foundation. All blushes are available in a variety of colors to suit different skin tones and shades of skin.

Although not expensive to make, blush can be expensive if the company is exclusive or prestigious. A higher price does not always equal a better quality product. What's more, the choice is usually determined by how an individual feels the blush looks, not how much it costs.


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