What is Motorcycle Rental Insurance?

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Motorcycle rental insurance is a type of vehicular insurance coverage that provides temporary protection for users that lease or rent motorcycles for a specified period of time. As with all forms of rental insurance, the coverage typically includes protection in the event there is damage to the motorcycle, and may also include some medical coverage for the renter. Rates and terms for motorcycle rental coverage will vary somewhat, based on local laws and the level of coverage that the renter desires to secure.

There are a number of different benefits associated with motorcycle rental insurance. One of the most common has to do with covering expenses that result from the mechanical failure of the vehicle. For example, many insurance plans of this type would provide the operator with towing services in the event that the cycle breaks down during the term of the rental. The coverage may also reimburse for simple out of pocket costs, such as the repair of a flat tire or the replacement of a battery that has gone dead. Should the motorcycle be in need of major repairs, the provider of the motorcycle rental insurance will often make arrangements to supply the renter with a replacement vehicle within a specified period of time.


Typically, motorcycle rental insurance is made available to customers at the time the motorcycle is rented. For short rental periods, such as only a few days, there is a good chance that the renter will pay a flat fee per day for the coverage. The amount is added to the overall cost of the daily rental. When the motorcycle is leased or rented for longer periods of time, such as a month or six months, it is not unusual for the insurance premiums to be assessed on a monthly basis. While it is possible to secure the coverage through the rental agency, consumers can also often obtain this type of short-term coverage directly from an insurance provider.

The costs associated with motorcycle rental insurance vary, depending on the scope of coverage and how the insurance will work in tandem with other coverage already held by the renter. For example, if the idea is to rent a motorcycle for use while a car or other type of motor vehicle is in for repairs, provisions within the automobile insurance plan may also extend to the rented motorcycle. When this is the case, the insurance already owned by the renter may be primarily responsible for covering any claims related to accidents or repairs associated with use of the motorcycle, with the rental insurance covering any costs that were not covered by the terms of the primary plan. Before choosing a particular motorcycle rental insurance plan, take the time to determine how that plan will work with existing coverage, and select options that help to provide the level of protection that is in the best interests of the renter.


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