What is Moonvertising?

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Moonvertising is a purported method of utilizing the surface of the moon in order to advertise goods and services. This concept of advertising on the moon generally includes the use of laser technology to project advertisements onto the lunar surface. In theory, the ads could be viewed from the Earth and would add another level of media advertising to the current strategies employed.

The exacts of moonvertising vary somewhat, depending on the source. While it seems that laser technology is always employed in the scenario of allowing companies to have their ads and logos projected onto the moon, there is some difference in exactly how the technology will accomplish this. In some instances, the laser technology is simply projecting ads on the moon, essentially using the lunar surface as a backdrop for the logo or advertisement. Other ideas have the laser technology actually carving into the lunar surface to leave a permanent etching on the moon that will then be colored by the projection of sophisticated lighting.


While the concept of advertising on the moon has been around for some time, no one has actually attempted to implement it. There are urban legends about several internationally known corporations considering the idea from time to time, but no one has actually stepped out and become the first bona fide moonvertiser. In early 2008, a malt beverage producer launched an advertising campaign that has used the concept of moonvertising as one of the publicity hooks to gain attention, but no actual advertising for this or any other company is currently projected onto the moon.

Critics point out that moonvertisers would probably find the overall effort to be more costly than any revenue generated from the endeavor would justify. There are also some concerns about how governments and various legal agencies would react to an actual attempt to engage in moonvertising. From an environmental point of view, the process of projecting images onto the moon or engraving an image into the lunar surface could lead to consequences that must be addressed before an actual attempt ever takes place.


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Post 8

I just saw some company in the UK now using the moon for their logo. They use the letters C and V, which I guess you can sort of see. The problem is every time I see the moon now I can't help seeing their logo! (not going to say who they are though. Guess they won't need my help to advertise them).

Post 6

It is very possible to project picture images onto the surface of the moon using a magic formula called phi-5-moon, whose power is on the phi wave. Very soon the world will see an advert on the surface of the moon. I have got the magic formula.

Post 5

What will they come up next, sunvertising?

Post 4

Moonvertising -- is that even a word?

Post 2

It's not possible to engrave on the moon and have it visible from Earth easily. You would have to carve a canyon miles across to make a visible line and make each letter out of such a carving. The amount of energy involved to do this from Earth via a laser would far far surpass that of simply blasting off to the moon and using a bulldozer powered by locally produced fuel from the lunar soil. Again any laser image projected would have to be tens of kilometers tall and extremely bright to appear against the sunlit surface of the moon. You might have more luck when it's near a new moon, but then the moon is usually near the horizon at rise or set, which diminishes how many people will notice it and increases atmospheric distortion of the laser being used. So I don't think we have too much to worry about, this is a crack pipe dream.

Post 1

this is utterly repulsive. Who owns the moon?? And only one image would be visible at a time, no? Who would mediate which mega-corporation gets to project their logo onto the moon?

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