What is Mood Changing Nail Polish?

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Fingernail polish is a cosmetic that has been around in various forms for thousands of years, with the earliest known variant seen in China at around 3000 BCE. The use and manufacture of nail polishes as we know them today, however, began to rise in popularity in the early 20th century with the advent of enamel paints. Originally, nail polish formulas were similar to that of car paint, but over the years have begun to deviate from that method of manufacture into more consumer- and eco-friendly practices.

There are many different types of nail polish on the market today, including but not limited to water based, quick drying, shimmering, sparkling and nourishing varieties. Mood changing nail polish is one of the new varieties of nail polish available to consumers. The statement "mood changing" can be confusing, since these nail polishes, like the mood rings of the past, change color depending on changes in body heat or external temperature and are not affected by an individual's mood.

Mood changing nail polish is often available in colors that are considered classically feminine. One of the most popular shades is a pink that changes to violet when exposed to warmth. There are some brands that specialize in more alternative nail polish shades like blue, green and black. Some manufacturers include glitter or other additives to their nail polish for extra sparkle and shine.


Unlike its solid-color counterparts, the price of mood changing nail polish can vary wildly from slightly expensive ($9 US Dollars, or USD) to very inexpensive ($1.50 USD). Most consumers report seeing no difference in the quality of the mood changing nail polish from higher priced products to lower priced ones. Like most mood changing products, it's reported to be hit or miss as to whether the product actually changes in different temperatures, with some consumers stating dissatisfaction with fingernail polishes that did not change color in any temperature.


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Post 3

My favorite part about using mood changing nail polish is when it is neither too hot or too cold and I get two different hues on my nails. It's hard to believe that it's the same nail polish sometimes because it can change so dramatically.

Oh and you can also apply a top coat or base coat to make it last long. It still works with extra layers!

Post 2

Mood changing cosmetics are the new trend. There are lip glosses and lipsticks that change color based on mood.

Some nail polishes change colors on sunlight too. So it's one color indoors and another outdoors.

It's actually pretty impressing. I would love to learn about how they've made this possible and yet safe to use.

Post 1

These are fantastic. I got one recently that is green and blue. It is green when my fingers are warm and blue when they are colder.

My roommate and I tried it right after we got home. I put the nail polish on and put cold water in a clear glass container. When I dipped my hand into it, the color turned blue! My thumb which was not in the water was green.

I think it's a really fun idea. I've been checking my hands all the time to see if my nails have changed color.

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