What Is Money Meditation?

Rebecca Harkin

Money meditation is a technique that uses mediation focused on money and accruing assets to try to increase one's chances and opportunities to gain wealth. The technique involves traditional meditation poses combined with focusing the mind on obtaining money and positive thoughts about gaining wealth. This type of meditation claims to help make the person who uses it feel richer, make better decisions about money, attract opportunities to gain wealth and be successful at gaining wealth.

Money meditation is based on optimistic thinking and the laws of attraction.
Money meditation is based on optimistic thinking and the laws of attraction.

To begin money meditation, the meditator finds a comfortable pose, either sitting cross-legged on the floor or sitting in a comfortable chair. The meditator then takes several deep, relaxing breaths to settle the heart rate and focus the mind. Finally, he closes his eyes and visualizes money or, to help focus his mind on money, he looks at a picture of money or a movie of piles of money and visualizes himself with lots of money. This form of meditation is usually done for 10 to 30 minutes or as long as the meditator can focus his mind.

Money meditation involves traditional meditation poses combined with focusing the mind on obtaining money.
Money meditation involves traditional meditation poses combined with focusing the mind on obtaining money.

Typically, meditating on money is done once or twice a day. Often, people who practice this type of meditation prefer to meditate early in the morning just prior to going to work, because this technique helps people feel wealthy and empowers them to work hard to realize their dreams of being rich. Others feel meditating on money increases their creative power to make money.

Money meditation is based on positive or optimistic thinking and the laws of attraction promoted in the well-known self-help movement known as The Secret®. The principle of positive thinking contends that if a meditator focuses his mind on the goal of accruing wealth, then the meditation will influence his attitude and possibly the attitude of the people around him to obtain what he desires. In other words, the positive thinking practiced during meditation will empower the meditator to feel capable of achieving his goals and his outward confidence will encourage the people around him to help him reach his goal.

The second principle is based on the laws of attraction. Proponents of money meditation suggest that this form of meditation will help the meditator change his actions from spending money foolishly to ones that will accumulate wealth and encourage decision making that will lead to accruing money. This type of meditation can help strengthen the mind to make good decisions and work toward the goal of achieving wealth.

It is believed that meditating on money can give anyone the capacity to achieve his or her goals of gaining wealth regardless of education or background. Wealth, it is believed in money meditation, is gained from positive thought and empowering the mind to change. It is also believed that everyone is on an even plane, and money meditation is the tool that will bring about prosperity.

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Money meditation really works but it's important to really believe in it. Having faith in the power of meditation is key.

I meditated for money when I was bankrupt. I meditated every day for two months. At the end of the two months, a friend came to me with a partnership proposal. I suddenly had steady income and a few months later, all of my debt was paid.

When one really wants something and believes in it, it really arrives.


@SteamLouis-- I respect your point of view. People can have different reasons for meditating. For some, it's about becoming closer to a divine being. For some, it's about focusing and attracting positive things from the universe. And yet for others, it's just about relaxation. So there isn't one reason for meditation, it varies from person to person.

Just as people have different reasons to meditate, meditation can be practiced in different ways as well. Money meditation does not have to be done the traditional way although it can be. Simply thinking about money or finances and sending this message to the universe is a form of meditation.

So in this sense, money meditation is also like prayer. And we cannot deny that material things like money and belongings are a vital to survival. So I do not see anything contradictory about money meditation. Just as we can meditate for health and peace, we can also meditate for something like money.


I don't really understand money meditation. For me, meditation is a means to detach from the material world and connect with God. So meditating for something like money is not something that I would desire. In fact, I started meditating because I wanted to stop thinking about things like money and relationships. I want to find the greater meaning of life and connect with the divine which is beyond my sense perception.

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