What is Modular Shelving?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Modular shelving is shelving which is designed to be highly flexible. It can be put together and configured in a variety of ways, and is easy to break down, transport, and reassemble. Since storage space is at a premium in many corners of the world, modular shelving is a popular product, whether it's a high end shelving product from a well known design firm or a cheap shelving option from the local hardware store. Like other modular products, the appeal of modular shelving is the high degree of flexibility and the ability to customize the shelving to meet specific aesthetic and use needs.

Some companies sell flat pack modular shelving which is assembled by the user.
Some companies sell flat pack modular shelving which is assembled by the user.

Companies which make modular shelving tend to make families of products which go together. For example, a company might make shelves of different shapes and sizes which all click together, allowing people to assemble shelves in a way which works for them. By clicking units together, people could create a room partition with modular shelving, assemble shelving under a flight of stairs, or create a display with boxes of different sizes embedded within a larger unit.

Some companies sell flat pack modular shelving which is assembled by the user, or simply unfolded; a number of companies make products which are designed with hinges and pop-out features so that they are ready to use right out of the box. It is also possible to purchase shelving which has already been assembled. Modular shelving may be made from wood, plastics, metal, glass, and a wide variety of other materials, and it can be designed in an assortment of aesthetic styles, from shelves which snap into rails on the wall to boxes which can be fitted together to create a shelving unit.

People can also make their own modular shelving if they have a specific design in mind. Hardware and home supply stores usually carry all of the equipment necessary, and homemade shelves can get highly creative with their components.

Some things to think about when purchasing modular shelving include the size of the items which will be stored on the shelf, the weight limits of the shelving, the color and design of the shelves, and how configurable the shelving is. For example, shelving might only accommodate one room layout, which could be frustrating when people want to rearrange a room. It is also advisable to look for products which can be moved easily, since this is an important part of the modular aesthetic.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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