What is Moda Dea&Reg; Yarn?

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Moda Dea® yarn was a family of novelty yarn products produced by Coats & Clark, a yarn manufacturer that specializes in bargain yarns for everyday use. The Moda Dea® family of yarn included bamboo yarn, ribbon yarn, textured yarn and several fur yarns ideal for novelty scarves, hats and other accessories. Coats & Clark introduced Moda Dea® yarn in 2004 and discontinued the line five years later. Although Coats & Clark discontinued the line, the company continued to offer a variety of patterns for the various yarns as well as product support through is main website.

Different kinds of Moda Dea® yarn were made of different fibers and provided different textures and colorways. The bamboo yarn, for example, consisted of a blend of 55 percent rayon yarn produced from bamboo and 45 percent wool for a soft texture and pleasant drape. Fur yarns generally were polyester or a similar blend of synthetic fibers and knitted up at a larger gauge with a soft feel provided by the fur. One Moda Dea® tape yarn, called Curious Yarn, was 45 percent nylon, 28 percent cotton and 27 percent acrylic. These various types of fibers and different yarn designs meant Moda Dea® was appropriate for a wide range of projects, including shrugs, scarves, handbags and ponchos.


The yarn weight and yarn gauge of Moda Dea® yarn products also varied, from fingering-weight yarn to worsted weight. For example, the Moda Dea® bamboo yarn was considered a "medium" or worsted weight, while the Curious tape yarn was considered bulky, a weight that knits up at three or four stitches to the inch. Another bulky Moda Dea® yarn, Swirl, offered three variegated colorways, a bulky weight and a soft drape provided by its wool, acrylic and nylon blend, making it an excellent yarn for a warm fall shrug or shawl.

Although Moda Dea® yarn has been discontinued, it is still available at a number of yarn outlets. Those wishing to purchase Moda Dea® yarn should be sure that enough of the individual type and dye lot is available to finish the desired project so that the texture and color remain consistent throughout. If an insufficient quantity of yarn is available, the final results of the project likely will be unsatisfactory. Moda Dea® yarn is a novelty yarn, so the matching dye lots are not guaranteed, but it often will come as close as possible, particularly if the customer requests it.


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Post 6

While some women like to have a wide assortment of shoes and purses, I love to buy all different kinds of knitting yarn. Right now I have enough yarn to finish several projects, but there still never seems to be enough yarn.

When I get ready to start a new project I have a bad habit of buying more yarn instead of using what I already have in my collection.

I used a lot of Moda Dea yarn when it was easy to find. I was able to complete some really great fur items that I gave as gifts.

This wasn't the easiest yarn for a beginner to learn with, but once you knew what you were doing, you could make some really neat looking items.

Post 5

I was really disappointed when they discontinued the Moda Dea Yarn. I loved using this bulky yarn to make beautiful scarves with. It didn't take long to make up a scarf and they made great gifts for family and friends.

Whenever I happen to run across some of this yarn, I make sure I purchase enough to complete my entire project. The last thing I want to worry about is running out of yarn and not being able to complete my project.

There are several other brands of yarn that are similar to Moda Dea, but this was always one of my favorites and was affordable too.

Post 4

I love all the funky colors and styles of Moda Den yarn. I feel like most yarn is so boring looking. The best you can do with it is make a scarf that maybe your grandma will like.

But Moda Den yarn is different. I started using it when I was in high school and I got all kinds of compliments about the stuff I made for myself. In a lot of cases people wanted to know where they could go out and buy the things that I was wearing.

It seems like yearn makers in general are getting more ambitious with the colors and textures they produce but there is still a lot of boring stuff out there. I'm really hoping that Moda Den will come back again one day.

Post 3

Definitely take the advice offered at the end of the article. I had that exact same problem one time.

I was going to make my daughter a sweater using a certain color of the ribbon style Moda Den yarn. I knew that they had stopped making it but I was able to find what seemed like a large supply at a fabric store in my town.

Well, as any knitter will tell you, it always takes more yarn than you expect to finish a project. I thought that I had enough but I ran out right below the chest. If I had given the sweater to my daughter it would not have even covered her navel. I had to scrap the project and begin again with a different yarn.

It was a frustrating lesson to learn but hopefully all of you out there can avoid repeating my mistakes.

Post 2

I love to knit and one year for Christmas I made everyone in my family scarves using Moda Dea yearn. I used this kind of yarn because I have given knitted things as gifts before and I needed a way to make the gift interesting all over again.

In general the scarves were a huge hit. Everyone seemed genuinely surprised by the unique look and feel of the yarn. As a matter of fact, my little brother has never worn any of the things I've knitted for him, but he wore that Moda Dea scarf for the rest of the winter.

Post 1

I'm still looking for Spellbound yarn by Moda dea.

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