What Is Mobile Waxing?

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Mobile waxing is a type of business that sends professional hair removal specialists into people's homes or offices to provide hair waxing and other depilatory services. In some cases, the business offering mobile waxing services may also be a brick-and-mortar business, or the business's services may be available only through in-home or office consultations. Typically, a mobile waxing service will bring necessary waxing equipment, including a heating container for the wax, into the homes of its clients. Services may be performed for just one client, or a client may also request a group booking with other friends.

Many people rely on commercial body waxing to remove unwanted hair growth. Those who make use of these services often find that they must make regular visits to a salon or spa in order to maintain smooth, hair-free skin. Some individuals simply do not have the time to make regular visits and so may appreciate the opportunity to hire a mobile waxing service that can come to their home. In addition, some individuals may have other reasons for choosing mobile waxing, including having a disability or illness that makes leaving the home difficult. Some men may also prefer to use a home waxing service, as they may feel uncomfortable patronizing a salon.


The cost of mobile waxing will likely vary by community as well as the overhead costs of operating the business. Clients of brick-and-mortar beauty salons may find that they must pay the surcharge for services performed in their homes. Mobile waxing services that do not operate in their own building may actually sometimes charge less than the going rate for waxing services in their area because they do not have to pay rent or utilities. Those new to the home waxing business will typically have to invest in waxing equipment that they can bring into the homes of clients. Brick-and-mortar salons that choose to offer this service may have to buy a set of equipment for each staff member who makes house calls.

In many jurisdictions, practicing body waxing or any other hair removal service requires a trade license. These licenses vary, but typically require those who offer waxing services to hold a cosmetologist or aesthetician license. Licensing laws may vary as to the legality of offering mobile waxing services outside of a licensed salon or spa. Individuals who are interested in offering home beauty services or those who are interested in obtaining them may wish to look into the laws covering hair removal services in their area.


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