What Is Mobile Scaffolding?

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Mobile scaffolding is typically used indoors as well as outdoors and is constructed of lightweight aluminum or steel sections with casters or wheels affixed to the bottom section's leg posts. Designed to be easily moved, mobile scaffolding is commonly used to decorate, clean and perform general maintenance. Commonly purchased at a desired height, the mobile scaffolding is generally designed to be taken down to a lower height when needed. The wheels on this scaffolding have a locking mechanism that allows the scaffolding to be used while not allowing it to roll out of position. Designed for home, school or business use, this scaffolding is not as heavy or durable as construction site scaffolding.


During home maintenance, many times, the safest way to reach the upper portions of a home or building is not with a ladder. Mobile scaffolding is commonly recognized as the safer method of working at a height while providing a stable platform from which to work as well as to secure maintenance supplies and equipment. The mobile scaffolding is sold or rented in sections, with the number of sections required to complete a job depending on the height of the job. The wheel attachment that allows the scaffolding to be rolled around the job site is best used indoors or on hard paved or concrete surfaces outdoors. In school gymnasiums and large open factory and store spaces, the mobile scaffolding is well-suited to perform cleaning and painting tasks, as well as hanging decorations for special occasions.

When used on the rolling caster or wheel base, the wheels must be locked prior to ascending to the top of the scaffolding. This prevents the scaffolding from rolling away from the work area or tipping over. Safety is always a top concern when working from mobile scaffolding and great care must be used to avoid power lines, falling and dropping materials on unaware persons below. The typical sections of scaffolding can be assembled by a single person, however, it is best completed by a team of two or more.

Great care should be given to ascertaining the location of any holes, soft spots or depressions in the ground when using the mobile scaffolding outdoors. Drains, culverts and curbs should be avoided due to the tipping characteristic of the scaffolding when a wheel encounters any of these obstacles. It is also best if someone remains on the ground monitoring all work from the mobile scaffolding in case of an accident.


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