What is Mobile Phone Advertising?

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Mobile phone advertising is a method of advertisement that employs mobile phone technology—sending ads via cell phone. For example, it may involve delivering ads directly to mobile phones via text messaging or e-mails. It may also include ads that are posted when a person browses the Internet from his phone or clicks a link. This type of advertising may even include opt-in advertising that allows consumers to pick and choose the ads and information they want to see, excluding other types of advertising.

Some people in the advertising industry believe mobile phone advertising possibilities are too good to pass up. According to some in the field, mobile phone advertising offers companies a potential mechanism to reach far more consumers than ever before. Essentially, the idea is that most people have cell phones, and advertisers can reach consumers of all ages, incomes, interests, and backgrounds using cell phone technology. In fact, mobile phones have become must-haves for many people, and even young children can often be seen toting them around. Some people are even dropping their land lines in favor of using mobile phones as their main phone lines.


The tendency of mobile phone users to use their phones on a near-constant basis is another factor that excites some advertisers. This differs from television and radio. There are some people who don’t watch much TV and others who simply flip through the channels during commercials. Some people only opt to watch commercial-free channels or DVDs. The same goes for advertisements delivered over the radio; a person may change stations to avoid them, listen to CDs or portable music players, or choose stations without a lot of advertising.

With mobile phone advertising, companies may enjoy more of a captive audience. Many people spend significant time checking their phones for text messages, e-mails, and missed calls. Phones also are used to browse the Internet, play games and conduct business. People are often spotted checking their phones at restaurants, in movie theaters, in classrooms, at work, and even while driving. Some people sleep with their mobile phones nearby, getting up to answer calls during the night or using them as alarm clocks. Additionally, it is not uncommon to see people using their mobile phones while they lounge on the beach during vacations.

Over time, mobile phone advertising may grow and change, much like other forms of advertising. Among the types of mobile phone advertising methods companies may consider are text ads and banners that display whenever a person visits certain websites. Advertisers may also come to use global positioning system (GPS) technology to send advertisements to consumers in a particular area. For example, companies may develop ways to send advertisements to consumers who happen to be driving or walking within a certain proximity of their establishments.


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