What is Mobile Auto Glass Replacement?

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Mobile auto glass replacement is a service offered by some automotive businesses that entails them going to the customer's home or office to replace a broken windshield. Another service offered by these types of companies is an auto glass repair, which is where the crack is filled with resin and smoothed until the damage is no longer visible. Each procedure can be completed at the consumer's leisure and same day service is often available.

When a consumer's windshield is cracked, the chances of a serious accident occurring increases exponentially since the glass could collapse at any time. In many locations, insurance companies are required to offer mobile auto glass replacement or repair with no deductible involved so that drivers are not tempted to overlook this inherent danger. Since these repair companies are paid well for their services, many of them have decided to come straight to the consumer's door and offer mobile auto glass replacement whenever it is convenient.

The process of submitting a claim for mobile auto glass replacement is very straightforward. Consumers only need to contact their insurer to notify them of the windshield damage; there are usually no forms to fill out. At that point, the customer is free to call any mobile auto glass replacement specialist he wishes to do business with.


During the phone call, the business will need the make and model of the vehicle. If the mechanic has that particular windshield in stock, then it can be installed almost immediately. If not, it may require a day or two to procure it. From that point, a meeting time is established and the glass is replaced.

Once the mobile auto glass replacement specialist arrives, he will remove the outer lining around the windshield and attach special suction cups to lift it. The broken glass is then lifted out and the new windshield is set in place. After the glass is secured firmly to the vehicle, it is ready to drive immediately. From start to finish the entire process often takes less than 15 minutes.

Another popular method within the mobile auto glass replacement industry involves repairing a broken windshield. The cracked area is thoroughly cleaned to remove any particles or dust, and then a resin is injected into the windshield. Once the resin is cured with ultraviolet light, the damaged area is polished and the crack literally disappears. This process is not covered by all insurance companies, but it is a viable option for drivers without basic coverage.


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