What is Miracle Mineral Supplement?

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Miracle Mineral Supplement is a solution composed of sodium chlorite and distilled water that is claimed to fight everything from the common cold to cancer. Even though Miracle Mineral Supplement is championed by many natural physicians and is available on the market, its safety and benefits are often questioned. Many individuals use Miracle Mineral Supplement for detoxification, as one of its main components is thought to help rid the body of heavy metals and toxins. Some of the many potential side effects of MMS include low blood pressure and respiratory failure, so caution is advised for individuals who decide to use this supplement as an alternative form of therapy.

What is often called MMS, Miracle Mineral Supplement is a solution containing a small percentage of a toxic chemical, sodium chlorite, and distilled water. Due to the proportions of these substances, the sodium chorite is said to be less harmful because it's taken in smaller dosages. Many use Miracle Mineral Supplement as an alternative form of therapy when dealing with colds or the flu, yet no research has been conducted to support this use. Some proponents of Miracle Mineral Supplement claim that it aids in helping fight cancer and hepatitis; these claims have also never been proven.


It is claimed that MMS can help detoxify the body by activating the major organs associated with removing wastes and toxins, such as the lymphatic tissues and the liver. This may explain why many MMS advocates claim the supplement can help treat the flu, as it may aid in the removal of harmful viruses from the body. As this has never been proven, most traditional physicians frown on this form of treatment. Leading a healthy lifestyle with exercise, a healthy diet and plenty of water is the best preventive strategy for good health, and these good habits will also help keep the detoxification centers working correctly.

Many side effects have been associated with Miracle Mineral Supplement, further questioning its effectiveness. Nausea and low blood pressure have been reported after using this product, especially when the supplement is prepared incorrectly. If sodium chlorite isn't diluted with enough distilled water before consumption, it can lead to damage to the gut and may even lead to respiratory failure. Studies on humans are rare, but most studies have shown that MMS can lead to thyroid impairment in animals as well as reduced red blood cell count.


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It is amazing how people believe any sentence that has the word "scientific" in it. If you only knew who pays the scientists you would think twice before judging.

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People often question the credibility of the miracle mineral solution since more often these supplements are not backed by substantial scientific evidences. I hope your article creates some good awareness for everyone.

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