What Is Mint Shower Gel?

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Mint shower gel is a liquid soap product used for bathing that either smells like or is made with mint. Most mint bath products are marketed as having aromatherapeutic principles, and are usually paired with descriptions like “invigorating,” “stimulating,” or “refreshing.” The herb has a distinctive smell that many people find energizing. Usually, only concentrated extracts of mint are used in mint shower gel — the leaf itself is rarely ever included. Mint beauty products may also rely on a wholly artificial mint scent that is not actually derived from the herb at all.

As relates to plants, “mint” is a broad genus of herbs that are characterized by a similar and very strong taste and scent. Plants in the mint family are very popular in the cuisines of many cultures, and are also frequently prized for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. When ingested in any volume, mint tends to have a calming effect, often settling the stomach and relaxing the digestive system. In many people, the smell of mint has an almost opposite effect, often awakening and exciting the senses. Mint shower gel usually tries to capitalize on this.


The distinguishing feature of most mint shower gel or bath gel is a pronounced mint smell. This is often generated from mint extract, but not always. It takes a substantial amount of mint to create a concentrated enough smell to infuse even a modestly sized bottle of shower gel. Some very high-end brands, particularly those that are made according to organic principles, contain pure mint extract as the only smell-increasing additive. Most of the time, however, some artificial or synthetic scent is also included to make the effects more noticeable.

Mint is often combined with other natural elements in cosmetic products. Rosemary, lavender, and thyme are common herbal elements, while lemon and cucumber are popular fruit additions. In most cases, manufacturers choose mint pairings in accordance with the shower gel’s desired benefits. Energizing gels are often designed a bit differently than gels designed to awaken the senses, for instance.

Regardless their specific contents, all mint shower gel products work the same way. Bathers usually dispense a small amount onto a sponge or washcloth, or even just onto the hands. When rubbed together, the gel lathers, creating waves of bubbles that can be used to clean all parts of the body. Most of the time, the lathering process opens up the smell of the soap, resulting in a mint smell that permeates the bathroom for some time after use. The richness of the lather generally depends on the overall quality of the bath products at issue.


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