What is Mineral Foundation Makeup?

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Mineral foundation makeup refers to foundations or base makeups that are usually powder and that are made up of ingredients that are mostly minerals and perhaps cornstarch. There are now many of these foundations on the market. They can range in function, quality, ingredients, price and customer satisfaction. The initial goal when this makeup first appeared in the 1970s was to eliminate some of the extra ingredients irritate skin like dyes, binding ingredients, and fragrances. The degree to which this goal has been met very much depends on brand, since some brands do contain minerals or other ingredients known to be irritating to the skin.

While women will want to read ingredient lists on mineral foundation makeup, they may also be interested in knowing how well these foundations work. There is much differing opinion on this subject. Some really think the foundations are superior and others complain they don’t offer as much as is needed, may not work as well for darker skin tones, and aren’t as suited to use on women’s faces if they’re trying to conceal wrinkles.

It may be important to restate that opinions differ, and it’s easy to find claims that trend in the opposite direction. The best bet is to try the makeup and determine if it works. Visiting a store that sells one of the brands and having a makeup salesperson apply it would be a free alternative to buying several types and trying them out.


One thing that is arguably an issue with some forms of mineral foundation makeup is that advertising may be deceptive. Some brands use the terms “pure” or “only minerals” and these claims may not be fully truthful. There are makeups that have skin irritants that may be particularly unsuited for people with conditions like serious acne or rosacea. There’s also a common belief that mineral makeup is cruelty-free, and this is untrue of virtually all brands. If the makeup itself was not tested on animals, the brushes may be made of rabbit’s fur.

Another area of concern for many women is sun protection. In this area, most mineral makeups fair very poorly and provide only an SPF of 15. Doctors say this isn’t a reason not to use mineral foundation makeup, but advise that patients use a stronger sunscreen underneath the base.

Buying mineral foundation makeup is usually only the tip of the iceberg in buying mineral products. Many companies have mineral blushes, eye shadow, finishing powders, and may have branched into creating things like lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. Others merely sell foundation as part of cosmetic lines that make other types of makeup, and they’ve clearly found a growing market for these powdered foundations.


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Post 4

I use Lily Lolo's range and it's perfect for oily skin. They cover a whole spectrum of skin tones, and are pretty much animal free (except some that contain carmine), including their brushes.

They say to use a moisturizer whether or not you have dry skin - and so far, it has been perfect for me. Usually with makeup my skin itches and flares up within minutes of usage. My skin is actually clearing up with Lily Lolo's foundation, and the coverage is wonderful, lasting all day. You don't need to use a lot of it either for full coverage and it feels very light and silky.

Post 3

Accordion -I have never tried mineral powder foundation makeup, but I wonder if it has longer staying power.

I tend to like foundations that are light to the touch and don’t feel heavy on but have some lasting power.

I usually buy Clinique’s Workout Makeup. It is fabulous because your make up does not run if you sweat and it does not feel heavier either.

It also offers some sun protection as well.

I think that this is a foundation that can be used by all skin types. It really does not matter if your skin is dry or oily because it does have some hydrating benefits but it won’t clog your pores if you have oily skin.

Post 1

I find mineral powder foundation to be itchy and difficult to use. I have fairly dry skin, though, so using any type of powder make up can irritate it. I imagine if you have more oily skin, powder might be a better choice.

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