What Is Mi Krop?

Angie Bates

Literally "crispy noodle," mi krop is a type of Thai dish consisting of fried rice noodles. Often homemade, mi krop includes a sauce and, usually, dried or fresh shrimp or pork. It is often garnished with scrambled eggs or chopped vegetables and served with bean sprouts.

Palm sugar is an ingredient used to make mi krop.
Palm sugar is an ingredient used to make mi krop.

The noodles used in mi krop are always rice noodles, frequently vermicelli, but may be any thick or thin type. Thick noodles are usually soaked before being cooked. Whether thick or thin, the noodles are always fried in oil and usually removed before the sauce is made.

Rice noodles are an ingredient in mi krop.
Rice noodles are an ingredient in mi krop.

The sauce used in mi krop may contain fish sauce, called man pla or tomato paste. Vinegar, lime juice, and either coconut palm sugar or white sugar are also used. Garlic, sometimes pickled, and shallots may be added to the sauce as well. Occasionally bean curd, fermented soybean, or ground dried chilies may also be added. In addition or instead of pork or shrimp, tofu is often used in this dish.

To prepare mi krop, the meat or tofu is usually fried and then removed. Afterward, the noodles are fried and also removed. Both noodles and meat are normally left to drain on paper towels while the sauce is cooking.

The sauce ingredients are mixed together and cooked. Depending on the recipe, the sauce's ingredients may be all combined at once or may be added in parts. If the sauce is cooked in parts, garlic and shallots are fried, and then the meat is added.

Sugar, fish sauce, and vinegar, as well as soy beans and chilies if they are used, are added afterward. Once the mixture thickens, the lime juice is included and the mixture is allowed to simmer. When the sauce is complete, the noodles and meat are returned to the pan or wok and coated in the liquid. If bean curd is included, it is added after the noodles, just before serving.

The third element of mi krop is the garnish. Once the noodle mix is complete, it can be portioned onto individual plates and topped with a variety chopped herbs or vegetables. Red peppers, pickled garlic, and green onions are all used to top mi krop, and scrambled eggs, sliced into thin strips, are also frequently added to the finished dish. Vegetables and herbs, such as bean sprouts, are usually served on the side. Cilantro leaves or chives may be added as a side as well.

Coconut palm sugar is an ingredient often used in mi krop.
Coconut palm sugar is an ingredient often used in mi krop.

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