What is Methyl-1-Testosterone?

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Methyl-1 testosterone is a chemically created “prohormone” that is typically used as a muscle-building steroid. The human body produces testosterone naturally; it’s usually produced more readily by males than females, and is often considered to be the male sex hormone. It’s also really important in muscle building and plays a key role in muscle density and growth. The methyl-1 compound doesn’t occur naturally. It’s a chemical synthesis that is designed to deliver a much more potent form of the hormone in order for people to get essentially immediate results, and it’s often most commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders. It isn’t without its side effects, though, many of which can be quite serious. This particular compound is banned by most professional sporting associations, meaning that athletes in these leagues can’t use it without being accused of cheating. The World Anti-Doping Code also lists it as a “prohibited substance.”

Compound Basics

The steroid methyl-1 version of testosterone is seven to 16 times more potent than regular testosterone. Naturally occurring testosterone is usually considered to be steroid in and of itself, but natural steroids are generally really different from those designed in labs or manipulated by researchers. For instance, ordinary testosterone carries the chemical formula C19H28O2, whereas the methyl-1 steroid version is C20H30O2. The addition of carbon and hydrogen might seem small on the surface, but it makes a big difference when it comes to how the compound is absorbed and how it works.


How It’s Synthesized

The chemical bonding of naturally occurring testosterone is manipulated to create the anabolic steroid 1-testosterone and then methylated &mash; meaning basically that hydrogen is added to manipulate the chemical composition — to created the methyl-1-version. Methylation can help prevent liver destruction and also increases the efficiency of how the drug is absorbed when ingested orally. When people ingest too many harsh substances, including alcohol and most medications, the liver can become stressed and overworked.

Why It’s Used

People typically use drug as a way of quickly building body mass and muscular strength. Since it’s illegal in most places, it hasn’t be subjected to the same rigorous testing and trials as most conventional and legal drugs, so most reports of efficacy are based on hearsay or speculation. In general, though, the compound is considered just as potent as other traditionally illegal steroids, and most users report an average gain of about10 pounds (4.5 kg) of muscle during each two-week dosing cycle.

The drug is usually taken either orally, often as a capsule, or intravenously. Most people take it in middle age, though a lot of this necessarily depends on the individual. As the aging process sets in, usually in the mid 30s, the body's natural testosterone production decreases. In fact, most experts agree that the use of methyl-1-testosterone and other prohormones is most effective after the age of 30.

Side Effects and Risks

This particular steroid can be very destructive to the individual who takes it, and the potential for harm is often one of the biggest reasons it’s banned in most places. Many users are unaware of the side effects or choose to ignore them. There are a range of other bodybuilding substances that are generally legal and less harmful, including creatine, that can be used instead to achieve similar results with less severe side effects. In most cases, though, substitutes and alternatives take longer to produce results, which can be discouraging for users.

The side effects include mood irregularities, increased aggression, increased blood pressure, decreased appetite, sexual dysfunction, water retention, breast enlargement, male pattern baldness, a distended stomach, and acne. The main reason for these side effects is that methyl-1-testosterone will not convert to estrogen the way normal testosterone will, so the body increases its natural production of estrogen to try to counteract the increased testosterone. At the same time, though, when usage stops, the body usually will not reduce its estrogen production, which can lead to a number of imbalance issues.


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Post 3

I think the more important question is if there are measures in place that can prevent this chemical from ending up in the hands of a high school aged young man who wants to impress or intimidate others with his size. And then another very good question would be if that scenario did play out, and the young man from high school did manage to get his hands on some of it, should anything happen to him, then who would be to blame?

Wouldn't it be the school adults, teachers and coaches who would have to face the music? Or would this fall on the shoulders of the government for not stopping this substance from ending up in the hands

of the youngster?
Post 2
I don't think it matters what sport or field you are in. Using these types of destructive chemicals can cause severe health problems and there is a legitimate reason why they are banned here in the U.S.

The problems associated with this has been documented and seen in the world of wrestling, and not the type in the Olympics or high school, but the kind that is displayed on television -- the kind that's labeled sports entertainment.

These men will pump their bodies full of anything in order to be the star of the show, not realizing that, in their later years it will not be a peaceful and restful transition into their old age. I am particularly glad this type of chemical has been banned here, but I wonder if there isn't a black market for it, and if so, whether the government knows about it?

Post 1
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that yes, there are alternatives to 1-testosterone but they probably don't deliver the desired results fast enough and while this might not be too severe in the world of say.....bodybuilding. Certain sports might require you to be big in a week or two for show purposes, such as television wrestling and such types of programs.

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