What is Metal Sealant?

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Metal might seem resilient, but it still needs to be taken care of. One of the best ways to ensure that metal products last as long as possible is to seal them with a specially designed product. Metal sealant can protect various types of metal from corrosion, scratches, ultraviolet (UV) damage, and wear and tear.

Some brands of metal sealant specialize in protecting products from the damage caused by corrosion. While acid and other chemicals can corrode metal surfaces, even household products like salt can cause the same damage. Corrosion usually results in small pits in the surface, color fade, and general deterioration over time. It is most often found in metals like iron, steel, aluminum, and copper, so products made of these materials should usually be covered with a sealant that promises corrosion protection.

For products that are meant to look good, a metal sealant can offer extra shine. Whether the metal is on an appliance, decoration, or other item that looks best when it is new and shiny, this type of sealer is advised. Such a metal sealant is typically recommended for products made of steel and aluminum, as they usually look quite attractive with some sheen.


Metals that are left outside often need to be protected from both water and UV rays. Rust-proofing is a major step toward protecting all types of metal, as the main causes of rust are often moisture, air, and salt. Even older items with an industrial look, such as heavy-duty products made of iron, can benefit from a metal sealant that prevents rust from occurring. Whether such items see rain often or just morning dew, any moisture needs to be locked out of the surface. The same goes for UV rays which can fade or weaken metal over time.

Various metal products work best with the least amount of friction. For example, copper pipes need to allow fluid to move through them freely, so a lack of friction is a positive trait. Some metal sealants offer that benefit, and are usually termed antifriction. Others merely make metal look wet and shiny, without offering antifriction properties, so it can be important to make the distinction between the two types of metal sealant.

Most metal sealants are clear, but it is possible to find stains in different colors that include some type of sealer. Either kind usually comes in a spray can or tub, much like paint. Depending on the item to which it is applied, it usually can be brushed or sprayed on without help from a professional.


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