What is Meridian Therapy?

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Meridian therapy is the process of working with the natural energy meridians of the body to induce good health and well-being. Typically, energy meridians are defined as being parts of a bio–energy system that is like the system that circulates blood throughout the body. The energy meridians are located on each side of the body, and each one relates to a specific organ in the body. Meridian therapy works to balance the energy flow in the body by acupuncture or acupressure. Acupuncture involves the use of very small needles, and acupressure is more of a massage at an energy point on the body.

Proponents of meridian therapy believe that the body's energy fields follow the mid-line of the torso, with one on the front and the other on the spine. The other points run on each side of the body. When the energy fields become unbalanced, these points of the energy connection can become congested, causing a problem of disease or discomfort.

Meridians are often tested by measuring the pulse, but touch and sense also are used. Each energy point relates to a specific organ in the body. A feeling of tenderness at the knee, for example, would indicate a problem associated with the kidney. Treatment would then concentrate on that particular energy point.


There are two main types of meridian therapy. Acupressure is a gentle method of placing pressure along the meridian to sense soreness or discomfort. This, in turn, will relate to which organ is experiencing a problem. If the organ is diseased, most points along that meridian will be sensitive.

To apply acupressure, one simply keeps several fingers close together and gently moves them in the direction of the flow of the natural energy meridian of the body. This strengthens the meridian as opposed to weakening it by not moving with the natural energy meridian.

Acupuncture is another type of meridian therapy that involves the use of very small needles placed into the appropriate point of the energy meridian to correspond with the weakened organ. An experienced acupuncturist typically takes a pulse rate to determine where to place the needles for therapy. This procedure is relatively painless, and many people do not find it uncomfortable to experience.

Meridian therapy also can be done by tracing the meridians, which can be done several times a day and does not require actual touching. It can be done by holding the hands close to the body or through clothing. Meridian therapy also can done by mentally tracing an energy meridian through awareness and controlled breathing. This typically requires a greater depth of experience and understanding of meridian points and energy fields.


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