What is Mental Strength?

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Mental strength is the resolve to accomplish a certain goal, but this term has slightly different definitions depending on context. In sports, people usually think of mental strength as the resolve to force the body to finish an action even when a person is tired. Business people, on the other hand, might define mental strength in terms of standing one's ground and working hard even in the face of opposition. Sometimes, people think of mental strength as personal strength, psychological strength, or even inner strength because of the invisible nature of this type of resolve. Many people believe that this type of strength can be exercised and built up, so there are many different programs and coaches available to help a person achieve greater mental strength.

This type of strength is best thought of as the mind's ability to make the body obey even in the face of opposition or fatigue, either physical or emotional. For example, when running a marathon, mental strength is the quality that keeps a person's legs moving even when the person is in pain. The harder the activity, the more mental endurance it takes to complete the activity.


In sports, negotiation occurs between the mind and the body, but in business negotiations may occur within the mind. Mental strength in business often means putting aside doubts and insecurities and pushing forward through projects that are risky or difficult. Strength in business may also mean sacrificing time when it is inconvenient or even giving up sleep. This type of strength does not refer to the ability to defeat or humiliate others, but rather to master a person's own situation.

Inner strength is valuable in all activities, because this type of strength is what drives people to finish projects and strive for the best. People who do not have much inner strength are not necessarily bad people, but they may not be competitive in the same way that people who have this type of strength are. There is, of course, no inherent value in having psychological strength, as this is a personality trait that is sought after in only certain cultures.

If a person feels that he is lacking personal strength and would like to build inner resolve, then talking to a life coach or other similar professional can be a good strategy. Building psychological strength can also be done independently by simply facing adversity in the chosen arena and refusing to back down. Just like building strength in the body, building mental strength must be done gradually over time. With practice, a person who once had very little mental resolve can be strong enough to meet almost any goal.


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