What Is Medium Skin?

The term “medium skin” usually refers to a person’s skin tone or color, one that is not too fair or not too dark. Medium tones can be further categorized as “light medium” or “dark medium,” depending on the depth of color the skin possesses. Many makeup artists and stylists rely on determining whether a person has light, dark, or medium skin to apply the correct colors for the dresses and cosmetic products.

Some people born with certain ethnic backgrounds have tendencies to have medium skin, such as those who are Latin American, East and Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean. In a way, their medium skin tones act as protection from the sun, as their countries, like Spain, Greece, Israel, and Malaysia, have an abundance of sunlight. People with this type of skin also tend to go through more graceful aging, as they experience less wrinkles and fine lines on their faces. They may, however, be more at risk of pimple breakouts, as skin with more melanin, the body’s coloring pigment, is inclined to be thicker and could block the oil in the pores.

Identifying medium skin greatly depends on the “undertone” of the skin, or tinge that is just under the skin. A medium-toned complexion has a yellowish, golden undertone, a clear difference from light-toned skin that usually has a pinkish undertone. Medium tones ranges from a pale beige, golden tan and olive to a deep copper tone. People who are naturally light-skinned can achieve that medium tone through little amounts of sunbathing.

People with medium skin tones may have golden undertones, but more often than not, their faces can appear washed out, especially in the cheek area. Makeup artists recommend using cosmetics with warmer shades to match the skin’s undertone and give the face a “natural” glow. Foundation can also be dabbed on the face and neck to even out the complexion and hide any scars or dark marks that medium-toned skin is prone to having. As for the clothes, some stylists suggest people with medium-skin avoid colors that echo their skin tone, such as beige and camel. They should instead go for bright colors, like shades of red and blue, to lend their skin a healthy glow.

Medium-skinned people may have to take extra care of their skin to ward off pimple breakouts. Some dermatologists suggest a cleanser containing salicylic acid that helps exfoliate the skin and unplugs the pores. For those with oily skin, foaming cleansers are ideal for breaking down the extra oil and thoroughly cleaning the face.

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I think that people with medium skin color have more options for cosmetic colors than people with lighter skin. They don't have to worry as much about applying their makeup too dark, and more shades seems to compliment their skin tone. I have pale skin, and it seems like I can never find the right colors to use without them looking too light or too dark.

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