What is Mechanical Link?

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The mechanical link refers to a form of treatment that is sometimes employed by healthcare professionals and others in the treatment of issues that have to do with the human fascial system. The creation and further development of the mechanical link is attributed to Paul Chauffour, D.O. and is utilized by many physicians who deal in osteopathic therapies. The approach is also employed by a number of masseurs who work with persons dealing with osteopathic issues.

Essentially, the mechanical link focuses on identifying and treating any tension or restriction found in the fascial system. Sometimes referred to as a form of Myofascial Release Therapy, the mechanical link involves gentle manipulation of the muscles and the underlying connective tissue that make up the fascial system. Doing so is said to alleviate some of the pain that results from the restrictions found in the system and allow the body to activate natural healing processes.


The idea behind the use of the mechanical link is to remove blockages in the flow of energy that occur because the connective tissue that exists between joints and under the musculature of the body is tense, drawn, and thus impeding the natural flow. This can lead to a number of issues throughout the body, include negatively impacting the body’s immune system and even the network of nerves throughout the body. By employing the manipulations applied by a trained physician or masseuse, it is possible to decrease the effectiveness of the blockages and allow the flow of energy to return to a natural state. This in turn allows the body to begin repairing any damage and can often hasten recovery.

The type of bodywork that is employed in the mechanical link approach has a great deal of support in several different medical disciplines. Advocates of the method are found among practitioners of traditional Western medicine as well as among healers and physicians who are associated with alternative healthcare strategies. A few examples of healthcare practitioners who may utilize the mechanical link include chiropractors, occupational therapists, physical therapists and massage and therapeutic touch therapists. However, it is important to note that there is not widespread agreement on the effectiveness of the mechanical link, and many traditional medical professionals remain unconvinced that the method is a helpful treatment for patients dealing with osteopathic complaints.


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