What is "Me Time"?

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"Me time" refers to time taken just for your self. It's also sometimes called "alone time." Many people feel that in their social roles of parent, worker and/or spouse that they are constantly giving their time to others with little or no time leftover to spend on themselves. "Me time" solves this problem by giving us time to pamper ourselves or to spend on activities that we enjoy but seldom have time for.

Pampering during our "me time" may include spa treatments such as a soothing massage or it may be more simple such as a bubble bath at home. Some people like to catch up on reading a novel they've wanted to read or involve themselves in their favorite hobby or craft project. "Me time" can include anything that makes you feel relaxed and de-stressed.

Even the most social person can benefit from his or her "me time." Very outgoing people often need to learn to enjoy being alone, unlike most introverts who often thrive on time spent alone. The most important thing is to be in touch with who you are away from others and enjoy being you and doing what you like to do.


"Me time" can be experienced during a getaway or vacation. Even if you are traveling with others, you can find time to spend on your own. Even just a few hours of "alone time" can make you feel renewed and fresh. The point is to fit this time just for you into your life when and where and for how long it makes sense for you.

You can actually have more to give to others when you take time for yourself. Most people are usually more relaxed and energized after their "me time." It can help us reconnect with our sense of self and who we are as individuals. We may easily find that taking just a little time for ourselves regularly will keep us healthier and happier!


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Post 4

Me Time is very necessary for not just women, or parents, but for any hard working person. It happens to be that parents, particularly women, seem to recognize the need for Me Time the most.

Post 3

I think that women in particular sacrifice too much of themselves when it comes to doing house chores or taking care of the kids. I'm certainly this way. I try to do everything myself even though I'm also working. What's worse is that I feel bad when I am not doing anything or if I do something for myself. It's as if I'm wasting that time.

My therapist introduced the idea of doing me time as a start to get through this kind of thinking. Because all it does is exhaust me and it doesn't make anyone's life better. I have to learn to give out some of our responsibilities to others in the family.

I have to learn to say "OK, this can wait. I need to do something for myself right now." Only then, can I continue doing my duties as an employee, wife and mother without falling apart and losing it.

Post 2

After our second baby, I demanded that I get a designated time during the week that I can do whatever I want. My husband agreed to take care of the kids during this time. I usually meet up with my girlfriends whom I rarely had time to meet before. We go out shopping or eat out at a restaurant.

The best part is that when you are relaxed and happy, you interact with your family better. When I go back home after me time, my kids are so happy to see me and I feel relaxed and energized to take on another week.

Post 1

I think that what you do during me time is less important than what you don't have to do. What I mean is that the responsibilities at work and home can feel really heavy at times. Simply not having to deal with those responsibilities for a day or two can helps us relax and see things in a new perspective.

Everyone needs me time. We need to balance our lives and pay attention to ourselves just as much as we pay attention to everybody and everything else.

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