What Is Matte Lip Gloss?

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Matte lip gloss is a makeup product that gives the lips color like a lip gloss without the shine that lip gloss products often cause. To some users, the name "matte lip gloss" might be confusing because lip gloss is generally intended to put a glossy shine on the lips, making it seem contradictory that a lip gloss could provide matte color. The product is similar in texture and application to lip gloss, however, earning it the name despite the fact that it is not actually a gloss. Other matte lip products include matte lipstick, matte lip cream, and matte lip crayons.

Like regular lip gloss, matte lip gloss comes in a variety of shades and colors. Unlike regular lip gloss, however, the matte variety has no need to remain sticky or wet to retain a glossy look, and normally dries with a matte finish within a few minutes of application. For users who dislike the sticky feeling of normal lip gloss, the feel of a matte gloss may be a welcome change. This also often means that matte lip glosses tend to stay on longer and be more resistant to smudging and smearing than normal lip glosses. They are also less likely to leave color or residue on glasses, silverware, and napkins.


Some users warn that, depending on the brand, some matte lip products, including lip glosses, can have a drying effect on the lips which can cause them to flake or peel. Many matte lip gloss brands are now being advertised as moisturizing, and for many users this is an important selling point. Other users are content to put some lip moisturizer or a similar product on before applying the matte lip color to help counteract some of the drying effect. Many people use a protective layer of lip balm or moisturizer even when wearing some of the matte lip glosses that claim to be moisturizing or non-drying.

A common complaint among matte lip gloss users is the tendency for the gloss to flake off in patches after extended wear. Another problem users have is that, when the gloss dries to its matte finish, it grips the lines and ridges in the lips and may appear wrinkled or cracked after a while. Using a lip balm, moisturizer or another lip preparation before applying the gloss has helped some people avoid these problems.


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Post 4

@ysmina-- Yes, matte lip gloss is more moisturizing than lipstick, it doesn't dry out the lips.

But if you buy a darker color, make sure to use a lip primer or lip pencil because the color can bleed easily.

Post 3

@anamur-- "Liquid lipstick" sounds much better than "matte lip gloss." I have no idea why they called this product lip gloss when there is no gloss.

Has anyone tried liquid lipstick? Is it more hydrating than lipstick? I don't like lipstick because it dries out my lips and I don't like lip gloss because it's too shiny or shimmery.

Post 2

@anon278080-- I have seen some matte lip gloss at the makeup section at the drugstore. Several drugtore brands carry them.

Revlon has one series called liquid lipstick, L'oreal has another similar line. Actually, I think Almay and Maybelline have them too. You might just have to look through and see which ones are still being sold. Sometimes drugstore brands change their products frequently.

There are also higher-end ones, but I have no idea which specific brands carry them. Asking at the makeup counters at the mall should help.

Post 1

Can you recommend some brands that sell these? Because I haven't seen them here yet!

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