What is Mass Communications?

Reethi Rai

Mass communication technically refers to the process of transferring or transmitting a message to a large group of people — typically, this requires the use of some form of media such as newspapers, television, or the Internet. Another definition of the term, and perhaps the most common one, refers to an academic study of how messages are relayed to large groups of people instantaneously. This area of study, most often referred to as mass comm, is offered at many colleges and universities worldwide as an area of study, and some colleges teach nothing but mass comm. Due to its pertinence to all people around the world, mass comm is becoming more popular and may offer graduates careers in various countries worldwide.

Newspapers are a form of mass communication.
Newspapers are a form of mass communication.

Academic Study

Interest in mass communications is an area of academic study that has grown steadily, and includes the study of the ways people and groups relay messages to a large audience. A number of leading educational institutions offer majors in mass communications, and many graduates in mass comm can find jobs in the news media, advertising or public relations agencies, publishing houses, and research institutes. With the growing popularity of the Internet, the demand for writers who can generate content for the online space is growing steadily, and a number of mass comm graduates are taking up content writing for the Internet as a lucrative career option.

Today, the internet is a popular mass communications format.
Today, the internet is a popular mass communications format.

When majoring in mass communications in the United States, students should be sure to choose a program that is accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, an established membership organization for academics in the field of mass comm. A passion for words and an exceptional thinking ability can lead a student to a media-related course or a college major in mass communications. As digital communication technology takes huge strides forward, the number of means that can be used as mass medium continue to expand, and this could lead to a greater scope for the field of mass communications.

A text message that is sent to a group of people is considered a form of mass communication.
A text message that is sent to a group of people is considered a form of mass communication.

Historical Context

The term mass communication was coined in the 1920s, with the advent of nationwide radio networks, newspapers, and magazines, which were circulated among the general public. The distribution of information to a wide range of people remains the main function of mass communications, even today. Mass communications are widely used, primarily because it is a rewarding exercise which may award a person or company with brand and name recognition, instantly increasing credibility. Commonly used units for analysis of mass communications are the messages, medium for communication, and the audience for whom the message is intended.

Teleconference phones are part of mass communications.
Teleconference phones are part of mass communications.

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