What Is Marshmallow Dip?

Eugene P.

Marshmallow dip is a sweet, dessert-like mixture that can be made from various types of marshmallow combined with other ingredients to make a treat used as a dip for fruits, crackers or cakes. The marshmallows can be combined with melted chocolate, chocolate syrup, vanilla, jams or preserves, pieces of diced fruit or even crushed graham crackers. The thick texture of the marshmallows can be cut with ingredients such as cream cheese, mascarpone cheese or whipped cream to make the dip easier to pick up. Marshmallow dip usually is not cooked and can be served at room temperature or chilled, although one type of dip uses a slow cooker to keep the marshmallows melted and in a gooey state.

Marshmallow dip can be combined with chocolate pudding for dessert.
Marshmallow dip can be combined with chocolate pudding for dessert.

The type of marshmallows used in a marshmallow dip will affect the final texture and, sometimes, the taste. Many dip recipes use premade marshmallow cream or whipped marshmallow spread, both of which are naturally in a fluffy, creamy state when at room temperature. Formed marshmallows can be used but need to be heated and eaten before cooling completely back into a solid state. It is possible to use homemade marshmallows in a marshmallow dip, because they essentially are made of just gelatin and corn syrup, although the resulting marshmallow mix will solidify after several hours and should not be allowed to set for too longer before being served.

Melted chocolate is a common ingredient used in marshmallow dip.
Melted chocolate is a common ingredient used in marshmallow dip.

Other than just serving plain marshmallow cream, one of the more popular combinations for a marshmallow dip is marshmallow cream and cream cheese. These ingredients are simply mixed together, chilled and served. Another recipe mixes the marshmallow cream with yogurt and mashed bananas to make a dip that has some sweetness and a tangy, fruity character.

For a more classic dessert-like marshmallow dip, marshmallow cream can be combined with chocolate pudding, either in layers or in a swirl throughout the dip. Melted chocolate, chocolate syrup, butterscotch or fruit jam can all be incorporated into marshmallow dip in the same way. The dip also can have solid ingredients such as sweet candies, crushed graham crackers, crushed cookies, or dried fruits and nuts mixed in.

One unique way to serve marshmallow dip is to prepare it in a slow cooker or fondue pot. This recipe uses sweetened condensed milk as a base along with chocolate chips that are melted in a slow cooker along with marshmallows or marshmallow cream. The dip, which will be warm and very creamy, can be served much like fondue, with cubes of cake and slices of fruit.

Some versions of marshmallow dip may be cooked in a slow cooker.
Some versions of marshmallow dip may be cooked in a slow cooker.

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@ZipLine-- Have you tried making marshmallow dip with pureed fresh fruit? I highly recommend this, especially with strawberries. I want to try a marshmallow dip with fudge, I wonder if it would turn out well?


@literally45-- Yes, there are so many possibilities when it comes to marshmallow dip!

I'm not sure what my favorite marshmallow dip is. I am yet to come across marshmallow dip that was not delicious! If I had to choose one though, I think it would have to be marshmallow and cream cheese dip, but made with strawberry cream cheese. It's very tasty.

I also like the basic marshmallow dip with vanilla flavoring, although the one with plain yogurt comes close as well. When I use yogurt, the end result tastes a little bit like frozen yogurt, a little sour and a little sweet.


Marshmallow cream with yogurt and bananas sound amazing. These are my favorite foods and I bet the result is a delicious dip for fresh fruit.

I'm actually surprised that so many different types of marshmallow dips can be made. I always thought that this is a basic dip made just with whipped marshmallows. I'm surprised to know that it can be made in different flavors with ingredients like cheese, chocolate and fruit.

What is everyone's favorite marshmallow dip?

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