What is Marriage Education?

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Marriage education is a course, or a series of courses, intended to help couples learn more about themselves, each other, and relationships before deciding to get married. In some cases, marriage education also includes continuing education for the already married couple as well as those struggling in or hoping to improve their relationships.

The idea behind marriage education is generally to help couples learn not only what to expect from marriage but also how to deal with things better. Marriage education often revolves around such issues as communication skills, conflict resolution, coping strategies, keeping expectations realistic, and also the issue of how to adjust to the many changes that they will experience throughout their lives together.

There are specialized courses in marriage education for engaged couples, those whom have previously been married, those who are working to blend families with children from previous marriages, and for those who are working to get past affairs or other serious problems. Couples can consult with an instructor to learn which marriage education program is best suited to their needs.


Another advantage of marriage education is the effort to improve existing marriages. Even good marriages generally have some room for improvement, so enrichment seminars and retreats are often helpful. Some couples also suffer from marriage burnout or related issues and use marriage education encounters to bring spark back into their relationships. Achieving greater intimacy and effective communication in marriage can help improve everything from everyday conversations to love lives.

With marriages ending in divorce so frequently these days, marriage education seems like a good idea. Learning more about what to expect and how to cope with issues as they arise seems to be a good strategy. These programs also help couples understand how life-changing events, even those that most people consider positive events, can create strain on a relationship.

Things like having a baby, or buying a new home or a new car, changing careers, or going back to school, can all take their toll on intimate relationships. Although they are positive changes, they can and do create stress. Learning ways to work through stressful moments together is naturally going to be beneficial, and will also help make those new changes more enjoyable for both spouses.

Find about marriage education programs available in your area. If you are planning to get married, if you are already in a marriage but believe your relationship could be stronger, or if you think your marriage might be in trouble, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by obtaining tested relationship tools.


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Could anybody tell me where to find 'Marriage Education" for young couple wanting to get married? I am desperate to find information in the Southern California area.

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