What Is Manifestation Meditation?

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Practitioners of manifestation meditation believe that the universe simultaneously creates and is created by energy. Through highly focused, intentional meditation, they are able to bring into being those things they most want in their lives. Manifesting desires through meditation requires the ability to power a desire into a reality using one’s own charged energies. Those in the field point out that it is less a matter of manipulating the universe to individual needs and desires and more about following one’s energy toward the right kind of opportunities that have been there all along but may have gone unrecognized.

As with other types of meditation, manifestation meditation draws the practitioner inward out of the beta state of mind that tends to earthly distractions. It is only in a state of deep, interior focus that manifesting goals or hopes can occur. The first step is to write down what it is that is desired and find time for daily meditative practice.

Daily meditation can take a great deal of time. With regular practice, 10 minutes is sufficient to bring the mind to a state of laser-like focus. Blood pressure drops, heart rate slows, and deep awareness fills the practitioner’s mind.


For manifestation meditation to be effective, it’s important that the practitioner practices being grateful not only daily but many times a day. The universe is unlikely to guide someone to an opportunity of the physical manifestation of a desire if that person doesn’t appreciate what is already present. Gratitude for every small detail is essential, not just for the big things such as one’s health or children. Appreciating the scent of a flower, for example, or taking a moment to gaze in wonder at a bowl of fruit create moments of bliss.

During manifestation meditation, the practitioner must first clear the chatter from the mind then direct all energy to focus on a single visual image. The image of the desired event or object must be specific and precise rather than vague or blurry. The clearer the mental image, the easier it will be for the practitioner to find the path through the world’s clutter to find it. The practitioner must visualize not only the desired thing but see it in a state of relationship. Someone seeking love, for example, should not simply picture the person they want, but see themselves interacting with that person.

The meditative state provides the energy for the manifestation, but it is not sufficient in and of itself. The practitioner must remember to remain single-mindedly focused following meditation. Awareness that is gained in the interior state must be used postmeditation as it will lead toward the thing that is desired.


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Post 3

@discographer-- I actually don't see a clash between what you described and what manifestation meditation is about. Different people are comfortable praying or meditating in different ways. It's up to you to decide that and you can adapt manifestation meditation to what is acceptable and comfortable for you.

In a way, manifestation meditation is prayer. It's about being grateful, thanking the divine for what one has and becoming clear about what one wants for the future.

Post 2

Although the idea sounds good, I have some reservations about manifestation meditation. I feel like the whole concept is more for spiritual individuals rather than religious individuals.

I'm a religious individual and I find it strange to ask something from the universe. I'd rather ask God, who is the creator of the universe and everything in it. I mean, does it make sense to expect goodness from what is created, rather than the creator itself?

I have another problem with manifestation meditation. I do believe that if I really want something, God will give it to me because he is just so very kind and compassionate. But that thing may not turn out to be good for me

in the end. I think that sometimes we wish for things which may harm us in the long run rather than help us. And it's only God who knows whether something is good for us or not. So instead of stubbornly asking God to give me this or that, I'd rather pray for God to give me what is good and what is best for me in the long run.
Post 1

Manifestation meditation truly works. Every since I learned about it and started practicing it, my life has started changing in a positive way. I found a job, improved my relationship with my parents and have made more friends. When one truly believes that something will happen and focuses energies on that and remains positive, things start improving. Of course it takes a while, it took more than a year for me. But I never lost hope in it, I continue my meditations and I still do.

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