What is Mango Nectar?

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Made from the juices and pulp of the mango, mango nectar is a beverage that is free of carbonation and contains relatively few preservatives. It is considered to be an excellent source of several important vitamins and minerals. Mango nectar is yellow-orange in color and can be consumed by itself or mixed with other ingredients.

Mango Fruit

A fleshy tropical fruit that is native to India, the mango is noted for its sweet-and-sour taste. Some people compare this tangy fruit, which typically is yellow or orange, to an apricot, peach or nectarine. It is considered to be an excellent source of vitamin C and beta-carotene.

A Popular Beverage

Prepared with mango pulp, the nectar is sometimes marketed as mango juice. As a popular offering in health food stores and supermarkets, mango juice has gained a reputation for being healthier than many of the processed juices that are sold commercially. Over time, a broader variety of food shops and grocery stores have begun carrying beverages that contain mango blended with other fruit juices, such as orange juice or peach juice. Many people, however, prefer the distinctive sweet-and-sour taste of pure mango nectar over blends of juices, because they find the texture and taste to be more pleasing.


Use in Recipes

Mango nectar can be included in recipes for both mixed drinks and tasty treats. A combination of this nectar, vanilla ice cream and whole milk can produce a milkshake that is both nutritious and slightly exotic. As a dressing for tossed fruit, a small amount of mango nectar can be combined with mayonnaise to create a hint of extra flavor to enhance a salad made with chunks of honeydew, cantaloupe, strawberries and other tropical fruit. The same basic recipe can be used to create a slightly sweet dressing for a light salad composed of raw spinach, corn nuts and dried cranberries.

Use in Mixed Drinks

When it comes to mixed alcoholic drinks, mango nectar can be a way to add a different taste to old favorites. Substituting this nectar for orange juice in a traditional drink, such as a screwdriver, can add an unexpected layer of flavor. Mango nectar concentrates can be used to create a blender of daiquiris that are a nice change. In virtually any drink recipe that calls for fruit juice, mango juice or nectar can be substituted to provide a twist on the usual taste.


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Post 6

Mango nectar is fantastic as a cold beverage with lots of ice. I found Sunripe brand on sale for 88 cents a liter at my local grocery store. Fantastic.

Post 5

Fresh mango nectar is the best! Use it to make your smoothies and your tongue will have a party.

Post 4

I need to buy up this stuff. Chilled mango tea (nectar plus black tea leaves) is better than winning the lottery.

Post 3

Even if you don't like having it as a juice or a drink, mango nectar makes a great sorbet too!

I had tried a new brand that turned out to be too watery for my taste. So I decided to stick in the freezer and make sorbet out of it. I kept it in the freezer until it was frozen and then threw it in the blender. Super easy and super tasty!

You can make this on a hot summer day and decorate it with some fruits if you want. Perfect summer dessert.

Post 2

You can also use mango nectar to make a Southeast Asian drink called lassi. It's made with either plain yogurt or milk, mango nectar or mango pulp and sugar. It's delicious! I always order for it when I have fried snacks at Indian restaurants. It's really refreshing.

And if you are having something really hot and spicy, this drink goes excellent with it.

Post 1

I buy mango nectar that is either organic or imported. I like these the best because the texture is thicker and sweeter. I just have it plain as fruit juice and usually add a couple of ice cubes to it. It's especially good during the summer and after meals. It's also not acidic like orange juice or lemonade, so it's easy on my stomach as well.

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