What is Magnetic Paint?

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Also known as magnetic primer, magnetic paint is a wall covering that can be sprayed into position or applied to the wall using a paintbrush. Different brands of this type of primer or paint use ingredients that are magnetic in nature. This makes it possible to apply decorative magnets to the wall in the same manner that magnets are applied to refrigerator doors and other metal surfaces.

Magnetic paints are often used in children’s rooms. One approach involves using a combination of the magnetic paint along with chalkboard paint. By applying one or two base coats of the magnetic paint, then applying a top coat of the chalkboard paint, it is possible to create a focal point in the room that the child can enjoy. Along with being able to draw on the wall itself using colorful chalk, he or she can also display decorative magnets, hang drawings and pictures, and use magnets to display anything he or she desires on the wall.


This same approach can be used in a kitchen or family room. Using magnetic spray paint for the base and good quality blackboard paint for the top layer, the area can be used as a message center for the family. Quick notes can be written on the blackboard, while magnets can be used to display pictures and drawings. Because the board is so easy to clean and maintain, it is often considered to be a better option than purchasing a message board that is hung on the wall using adhesive strips or nails.

In recent years, several brands that combine magnetic paint with blackboard paint have appeared on the market. With these products, the idea is that instead of having to apply multiple coats of two different paints to create the magnetic board area, a couple of coats of a single product will suffice. However, there is some difference of opinion on how well these dual products work. Some people find them to function very well, while others find that the magnetic qualities of boards created using a dual product are not as strong as those created using the two single products.

In both forms, magnetic paint products can be purchased at several different retail outlets. Craft stores often carry flat magnetized paint as well as canned spray paint. Discount retail stores with a paint department are also likely to carry magnetized paint as well as the magnetic and chalkboard paint combinations. Many hardware stores also carry several different brands of magnetic paint. When applied properly, the paint will adhere equally well to wood, drywall, masonry, and metal, and retain its appearance at least as long as other types of paint.


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The paint/primer itself is not magnet as mentioned in this article. It is just a metallic paint, capable of attracting magnets. Only magnets can be used on this painted surface. Non-magnets will not stick to it.

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I would like to paint a portion of my wall with magnetic paint. Where can I purchase this paint from.

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