What is Magnetic Healing?

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Magnetic healing is a form of alternative medicine. It is also known as magnotherapy, magnet therapy and magnetic therapy. Practitioners and supporters of the practice claim that it is possible to heal targeted parts of the body by using static magnetic fields. There has historically been no solid scientific evidence to back the validity of these claims.

Practitioners of magnetic healing typically believe that the application of magnets can help to improve the flow of blood throughout the body. Those who support the therapy believe it can be used as a treatment for diseases such as cancer and to help improve longevity. Magnetic healing has also been used to treat pain, such as from osteoarthritis.

Magnetic healing is also believed to have an affect on the distribution of calcium in the body, hormone production and the processing of waste through the system. There are also claims that the therapy can support acupuncture practice by increasing the flow of electromagnetic energy through the meridians. Some practitioners also believe it changes the alignment of cell chromosomes.

A patient who is supposedly in need of the treatment is often said to have magnetic field deficiency syndrome. The theory is that the blood protein known as hemoglobin that moves oxygen through the blood vessels can be manipulated by a magnetic field. This belief is contradicted by the fact that the magnets used in therapy don’t tend to be strong enough to have that effect on the blood.


The practice of magnetic healing is usually pursued with the goal of healing or boosting the vitality and energy of the body. A wide array of items is marketed for administering the magnetic fields. These include jewelry such as bracelets and rings, magnetic strips, blankets and mattresses. There are also magnetic creams, supplements and even magnetized water.

Despite the lack of evidence that magnetic healing is an effective treatment, it has been in practice for centuries. Though pursuing the treatment can become expensive, it does not appear to cause any short- or long-term harm to the body. In some instances, it also appears to have a placebo effect on the patient. For the most part, the practice of magnetic healing is of concern to many medical professionals because of fear that patients will avoid or put off proven methods of treating diseases such as cancer until they become severe or even fatal.


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