What Is Macaroni Soup?

Erin J. Hill

Macaroni soup usually refers to any type of soup which features macaroni noodles as part of the recipe. This can include vegetable soup, chicken soup, and any number of stews. Nearly any soup can be adapted as a macaroni soup because of the pasta’s neutral taste and texture. Macaroni soup may also refer to a music and activity movement aimed at children.

Some cooks add fiber-rich green vegetables to macaroni soup.
Some cooks add fiber-rich green vegetables to macaroni soup.

Most times, macaroni soup refers to vegetable and beef soups which contained added macaroni pasta. Since macaroni has very little actual flavor, it mostly serves to add texture to soups and other dishes. It also works to make the soup more filling when combined with vegetables and other ingredients. White flour noodles have very little nutritional value, but whole wheat macaroni contains fiber and vitamins which may promote heart health and digestive health.

Macaroni noodles may be added to vegetable soup and stews.
Macaroni noodles may be added to vegetable soup and stews.

Macaroni soup is a traditional Italian dish and an inexpensive option for those on a budget. Pasta is usually cheap and can be added to any soup to make it stretch farther. It can also be easily combined with greens and other healthy vegetables to create a vitamin- and mineral-rich option.

When making macaroni soup, it is important to add the pasta at the right time. It’s generally best to add it in when it has been cooking for awhile already. This allows the flavors to simmer ahead of time so that the pasta doesn’t become soggy or mushy from cooking too long. Whole wheat pastas maintain a more firm texture for longer.

It is possible to turn nearly any soup into macaroni soup. Macaroni goes well with virtually any broth, vegetables and meat options, because of its mild taste.

"Macaroni soup" may also refer to activities and music aimed at children. It is comprised of educational workshops, classes, songs, and dances for young kids in order to teach them and allow them to have fun. Musical recordings are also available. Teachers may attend workshops to learn the techniques in order to present them in classrooms.

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