What is Luxury Adventure Travel?

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Luxury adventure travel combines the worlds of adventure and luxury all into one neat package and, in some cases, maintains a sense of affordability. The vacations give the traveler the opportunity to experience rugged activities while being pampered at the same time. There are instances when the trip does not include rugged activities, but offers a person the sense of adventure by experiencing an exotic location. The term adventure applies to anything out of the ordinary, and these trips are a perfect vacation for those who seek adventure without having to plan the details of the trip. Anyone can take a luxury adventure trip, and there are trips designed for adults and children alike.

Adults who book one of these trips will experience activities from safaris in Africa to mountain climbing in Asia and from staying in an exotic location to whale watching on board a cruise ship. The term adventure describes any number of activities in nearly any country around the globe. The luxurious part of the phrase stems from the fact that customers are provided with above-average lodging and are served good food and expensive wines without the hassles of finding these amenities. The luxury adventure travel agency plans the specific events of the trip, leaving customers enough freedom and time to explore on their own.


Certain companies are dedicated to designing luxury adventure travel vacations specifically for children or young adults, offering them a sense of adventure, fantasy, and luxury all within one trip. Children participate in adventurous activities such as zip lining, bungee jumping, and wall climbing during one portion of the day. During another part of the day, they may play fantastical roles as a secret agent, a Hollywood stunt master, or a rock star. The vacations are planned for children around a sense of the luxurious and offers spa treatments and yoga to unwind after their adventures.

Depending on what an individual might like to do or where that person may want to go, luxury adventure trips may be affordable. Luxury adventure travel agencies offering these types of vacations are well-connected within the travel industry and are capable of passing on those discounts to customers. Therefore, the definition of luxury does not necessarily mean expensive, but pampered and cared for. There are a variety of companies offering their services through the Internet, and travelers are encouraged to research those companies prior to booking a vacation.


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Post 4

@manykitties2 - Thank you for posting this information about how inexpensive, yet beautiful and luxurious remote locations can be.

I really have not looked into vacationing in a while, so I really did not know this. When I have some money saved up I am going to look into some of the places you are talking about, they sound like a fun, worthwhile trip.

Post 3

@Sara007 - If you are looking for an adventure travel group that works with kids I would suggest staying at a resort in a place like Jamaica that offers outdoor adventure travel, as well as things like babysitting services and activities for children.

When my wife and I took our kids to Jamaica and the resort there made sure we had our sense of luxury, while providing us with great snorkeling tours (shark free), horseback riding and things like jungle trekking to a secluded waterfall for swimming. Our kids had a blast and while they were off getting their hair braided we had some fun at the spa.

Post 2

Can anyone recommend some good places to go if you are looking for family adventure travel?

My family and I want to go on an adventure travel tour where everything is laid out for us so we don't have to worry about the small details of things. We want luxury, and a way to keep our kids occupied while we are in a hopefully gorgeous location.

When I was younger I did some singles adventure travel in South America, but I just don't feel like bungee jumping and snorkeling with sharks (no matter how small) is going to work with the kids. Hopefully we can find a travel package that works for us.

Post 1

I find one of the keys to adventure travel trips, especially those with a touch of luxury, is to choose your destination wisely. You can stretch your dollar a lot further in places like Central America and Asia. For myself, I love cheap luxury.

When I was in Costa Rica I spent time relaxing in gorgeous thermal spas fed by a nearby volcano for only a $20 entry fee. There was even a swim up pool bar in one area of the spa. It was amazing to be in that kind of environment for such a small fee.

As for adventure travel in Asia, there are countries like Thailand where you can experience a day-long elephant trek through the jungle and be pampered at a spa during the night for just $60-$100. Airfare aside, remote locations are great for savings.

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