What Is Low-Fat Pudding?

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Dieters often look for ways to enjoy sweet snacks or desserts, and low-fat pudding is a popular choice. This pudding is made from skim milk. It may contain either regular sugar or an artificial sweetener. The method of preparation varies based on whether this food is made from scratch or from a mix; the type of mix used plays a role in this as well. Low-fat pudding comes in many flavors and may be eaten by itself or used to make a variety of desserts.

The central ingredient in pudding is milk. Traditional varieties normally use whole milk, but low-fat puddings call for skim milk to be used instead. Skim milk has already had much of the fat removed, so the finished product will be lower in fat as a result. The milk used to make this snack could come from a carton, or a powdered variety can be used instead.

Many dieters like to eat low-fat pudding that is also low in sugar or even sugar-free because one of these types can be even more beneficial when trying to lose weight. This type of dessert is normally very sweet but may have an unusual aftertaste. The aftertaste is typically not noticed after eating sugar-free pudding a few times because most people develop a taste for this product after some time.


Pudding mix normally contains dry ingredients such as cornstarch, sugar or sweetener, and flavoring. Skim milk is then added to the mix to create low-fat pudding. If an instant variety is used, the skim milk and pudding mix can be beaten with a mixer for two to three minutes. When a regular type is used, the mixture may need to be cooked on low heat for a few minutes to allow to thicken.

Cornstarch, sugar or its substitute, and skim milk are mixed together to make low-fat pudding from scratch, and egg may be required if the recipe calls for fruit to be added. Ingredients need to be cooked on top of a stove to become thick. Homemade pudding can be eaten warm or chilled in a refrigerator and then served cold. Some of the more popular flavors of low-fat pudding are chocolate, vanilla, and lemon; fresh fruit is often added. This pudding might also be used to create pies or parfaits and is sometimes added to a cake mix to make the finished product extra moist.


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