What Is Low-Fat Bread?

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Bread is an important part of daily diet, but regular white bread contains refined grains that are high in fat and carbohydrates. Low-fat bread is made with natural ingredients and is typically thinner than regular bread. There are many types of low-calorie breads available, but the most popular are the low-fat sandwich breads.

Low-fat bread is typically made from healthy ingredients that can boost metabolism and curb an appetite. Healthy bread choices include white, wheat, and rye bread. These breads are rich fiber and calcium that slow the digestive system and help curb an appetite. These breads taste great and are available with half the calories of normal white bread.

Low-calorie pita bread is a great choice for sandwich bread. Each pita typically has less then 70 calories, which is less than most normal bread slices. Pita bread is low-fat bread that has a small filling area designed for stuffing meat and vegetables. This type of bread is great for tuna salad and chicken salad because the pita holds the meat into place without making a mess.

It is important to use low-fat bread with any low-calorie diet plan. Standard bread slices have considerable fat and calories and usually are not recommended when dieting. There are many types of low-fat breads available that are useful when making low-fat snacks.


Low-fat hotdog buns are an example of another low-flat bread. These buns typically include soy and wheat proteins, which are great substitutes for regular white bread. Hotdog rolls are a great way to enjoy a healthy tuna sandwich because the meat stays inside the hotdog pocket.

When a person is on a low-fat diet he should monitor what he eats. Low-fat breads can help a person lose weight. Low-fat breads have fewer calories than standard white breads and are available in most of the popular bread flavors.

Low-fat bread contains less sugar and fewer fast-digesting carbohydrates than standard bread. These breads are made with complex carbohydrates that help balance daily food consumption. Some low-fat bread includes wheat and barley, which makes a person feel full longer because it digests slower.

Many people start the day with a slice of bread or toast. Eating low-fat bread for breakfast can kick off the day with a healthy low-fat food. Low-calorie breads are a great option for most breakfast foods, including breakfast sandwiches and even French toast.


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Another way to reduce the calories of eating bread is to eat one slice instead of two. When you do this, you can pile on more ingredients to your sandwich so you still have a filling meal without the extra carbohydrates of more bread.

Post 2

Several companies make breads that have reduced calories, and can be easily identified by the labels. These breads are very tasty, so the person eating them hardly knows that he or she is consuming less fat and calories.

Post 1

If you are looking for low calorie bread, you may want to consider thinly sliced bread. These loaves are about half the size of regularly sliced bread, and also has less calories and carbohydrates. In addition, thin bread slices are great for sandwiches, because they have less bulk. This allows the flavors of the sandwich toppings and condiments to come through.

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