What Is Lobster Ravioli?

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Lobster ravioli is a pasta dish containing ravioli noodles with a lobster filling, usually served with a seafood sauce. Many people believe that making one's own pasta at home is the best way to start this dish. A variety of ingredients are combined with lobster meat to make the ravioli filling, and then one of many sauces is made to serve with the dish. Sauces might include a cream sauce, a seafood broth or a butter sauce. Some stores sell frozen lobster ravioli for people who are not able to make their own.

Fresh pasta is a treat that many people enjoy, but few people make it, because of the work involved in the process. To make lobster ravioli, pasta dough is made and run through a roller to create thin sheets of pasta dough. Ravioli is filled pasta, so the dough is then set aside until the filling has been made and is ready to fill the ravioli.

Preparing lobster is a daunting task for many people. In addition to boiling the lobster to cook it, it also can be grilled or steamed. A lobster’s shell should be bright red when done cooking, and the meat should be white. After the lobster has been cooked, an individual begins the process of picking the meat from the lobster. Care should be taken when an individual picks a lobster, because it is easy to break the meat into small pieces instead of the more desirable bite-sized chunks.


Lobster ravioli filling can be prepared in many ways. Usually common to any preparation is the use of lobster meat, crab meat and some sort of cheese, such as ricotta. Other ingredients might include garlic, butter, salt, pepper and shallots. Although fresh boiled lobster meat is usually the best to use in lobster ravioli, many people find that using fresh frozen lobster meat works well. Some seafood shops offer fresh lobster meat that has been prepared for the customer, but this usually is the most expensive option.

If an individual is preparing lobster ravioli from scratch, the lobster filling is added to pasta squares to form ravioli. The ravioli is then boiled briefly to cook it through, and then a sauce is prepared. A seafood sauce made using crab meat, cream, tomato sauce and seasoning is one option for serving lobster ravioli. Some people prefer a sauce that has fewer flavors to it so that the flavor of the ravioli is more prominent.


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