What is Liverwurst?

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Sometimes referred to as leberwurst, liverwurst is a spicy cooked sausage that is made with a mixture of ground liver and pork, seasoned with a select range of spices and plenty of onions. The high content of liver in the finished product has earned it the name of "liver sausage" in some parts of the world.

Liverwurst is a sausage of liver, pork, onions and other seasonings.
Liverwurst is a sausage of liver, pork, onions and other seasonings.

After the ingredients are combined and cooked in some manner, liverwurst can be used in both cold and hot recipes. One very popular option for use of it is in a dish that is known as Braunschweiger. This recipe calls for slicing or chopping the sausage into sections or pinwheels and adding some other smoked meat into the pan, such as slabs of bacon. The two meat products are sauteed until both are browned and the flavors are thoroughly intermingled. Braunschweiger can be eaten as an entree, or the mixture can be served over pasta or a selection of cooked vegetables.

People often pair sauerkraut with liverwurst sandwiches.
People often pair sauerkraut with liverwurst sandwiches.

Another common favorite use of this sausage is in the preparation of a tasty spread that can be enjoyed on a variety of different types of bread or crackers. It's usually served either slightly chilled or at room temperature. The spread is a favorite as home buffets and as a simple snack when friends drop by.

Perhaps the most common use of liverwurst is in the preparation of a sandwich. Often, thick slices are paired with tasty breads, such as pumpernickel. The fillers on the sandwich will vary from location to location, but it is not unusual for sauerkraut and several kinds of cheeses to be included. Spicy mustards often add another layer of flavor to the sandwich, which is often completed by toasting the bread and allowing the cheese to melt slightly.

As a prepared meat, liverwurst tends to keep well in a refrigerator. It's an easy option in cooked meals or as a quick snack, or the basis for a great tasting sandwich.

Spicy mustard adds a unique flavor to liverwurst sandwiches.
Spicy mustard adds a unique flavor to liverwurst sandwiches.

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I just opened a can of liverwurst and I am scared to eat it because it has all this white stuff in it. I am scared. Oh well, I will go for the spam tonight.


I love liverwurst. I've tried it with mustard and with onions, but my favorite is a sandwich with mayo and bread and butter pickles! Yum!


Can liverwurst be frozen? Does anyone know for sure?


I Just had a liverwurst sandwich for dinner with spicy mustard, provolone and Jewish rye bread. It was amazingly good! At my local deli it's only $4.00/lb. so we tend to buy it a lot.


Believe it or not, liverwurst also has mild anti-inflammatory properties! Show me another lunch meat that has that characteristic. Liverwurst rules!


For those thinking that liverwurst is "loaded with cholesterol" and is going to stop your heart, you should compare its nutritional value to other lunch meats and you will be surprised.

Liverwurst is very rich in vitamin A and B, and minerals such as Iron and Selenium. It's also very high in protein. In a 55g serving, only 5g of it is saturated fat, which is far lower than I expected when I looked up the information on liverwurst. I wanted to post a link to the nutrition info on liverwurst but this board will not allow you to post links. Just look up liverwurst's nutritional value and you can validate my facts if you are a doubter. Enjoy your liverwurst!


Liver is nature's multivitamin. It is good for you, however, as long as people continue to believe it's bad for you, prices will be kept down. So those in the know, let people believe liver and cholesterol is bad for you, to keep the prices down. Let them eat their rabbit food if they want to.


Consuming cholesterol does not adversely affect one's risk of heart disease; there has never been any evidence that it is dangerous, yet people continue to believe that foods like liverwurst and eggs are "artery-clogging".


rustic rye (with seeds!), spread one slice with liverwurst, top with good deli cole slaw (not pre-packed supermarket stuff), spread other slice with stone-ground horseradish mustard - a brooklyn german classic.


It's heart stoppingly delicious, anon22308.


no, liverwurst is not good for you! Very, very high in cholesterol.


liverwurst and swiss cheese on pumpernickel with spicy brown mustard,maybe some onions. Mmm -- is there anything liverwurst can't do?


Liverwurst is the best ever! Ah, man, give me some bread, mayo, tomato, liverwurst, mustard and thinly sliced onion and i'm in sandwich heaven!


Ya know, I really don't like liver but I love liverwurst.


Who in their right mind thinks liver is nasty?It is one of the better parts of the animal to eat!


How can something so tasty come from something so nasty (liver)?


Liver sausage is a translation of Liverwurst or Leberwurst. The high liver content does not just give it the nickname "liver sausage", it gives it it's name.


Is liverwurst bad for you? Is it high in cholesterol? A friend said it was heart stopping. Are there any benefits?

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