What Is Liquid Toothpaste?

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Liquid toothpaste is an alternative option available for those who prefer to use something other than the traditional paste formulas. Some liquid toothpastes are completely liquid, while others start out as a gel and end up turning into a liquid during brushing. The completely liquid varieties are offered in spray bottles and also mouthwash-type bottles where the contents are poured into a cup or measuring cap. One unique feature of the spray variety of liquid toothpaste is that it's completely edible and doesn't need to be spit out like the other two options. The gel formula is ideal for those who want a liquid toothpaste that can be used exactly like a regular paste on a toothbrush.

To use the type of liquid toothpaste sold in a spray bottle, one would simply spray two or three shots into the mouth and then swish it around. At a minimum, the toothpaste should be moved around inside the mouth for 30 seconds, but it's recommended to do so for around two to three minutes. While optional, a toothbrush may also be used to loosen debris that is hardened and which proves more difficult to remove. When the process is finished, the toothpaste can be spit out or swallowed.


The type of toothpaste dispensed from a non-spraying bottle works much like a mouthwash; users drink a capful and swish it around their mouths. After it is swished around the mouth, the toothpaste is spit out and a dry toothbrush used to follow up with any remaining debris. These types of toothpaste are excellent for individuals unable to maintain a proper brushing routine due to disabilities or medical conditions. They're also beneficial for those in the middle of a hectic day who don't have the time to squeeze in a thorough cleaning or don't have access to a proper bathroom.

With a gel, there's enough thickness to make it spreadable on a toothbrush, but upon brushing, it immediately turns back into a liquid. For those who have an adverse reaction to the texture of gritty pastes, but still want a toothpaste that can be used in the same manner, this is a great choice. Gel-based liquid toothpaste is used just like regular toothpaste. The gel is spread onto the toothbrush, the teeth are brushed, and the entire mouth is rinsed with water.


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Post 2

Even though I have never used liquid toothpaste, this does sound very interesting, in the case that many people don't seem to use that kind. On the other hand, perhaps the reason it's not used as often is because many people are so used to the other brand, found in hundreds of stores. However, for all that they know (myself included), they might like the liquid toothpaste even better.

Post 1

Whether you prefer liquid toothpaste or the gel kind, remember that it's always a good idea to make sure that you don't swallow toothpaste. The reason why is because it's poisonous. A friend of mine used to do it when he was a kid, but he's definitely learned from that. Also, I like how the article talks about personal preference when it comes to toothpaste. Based on my experience, some people don't like gel toothpastes because of the texture, which makes sense. It's funny how the things we put into are mouth can even cause us to gag because of texture sensitivity.

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