What is Liquid Nicotine?

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Nicotine is one of the primary ingredients in cigarettes. Nicotine can also be purchased in many other forms including patches, chewing gum, and liquid extract formula. Liquid nicotine is a drug used in smokeless cigarette devices. This liquid is available in many flavors and is typically smoked with a special electronic cigarette that burns the nicotine into a smokeless chemical.

There are many flavors of liquid nicotine available. These include multiple smoking flavors as well as chocolate, apple, and mint. Flavored nicotine is smoked with a special electronic cigarette device. It is purchased in a special dispenser that is designed specifically for these cigarette devices.

Nicotine candy and chewing gum also use liquid nicotine. These are typically used to reduce the desire for cigarette smoking. Most cigarettes include hundreds of chemicals that can cause serious health problems. Using a nicotine chewing gum can reduce the cravings for cigarettes, which can help a person stop smoking.

Liquid nicotine is especially designed for electronic cigarettes. Purchasing purified liquid nicotine for other uses is typically restricted to medical professionals. This pure nicotine substance can cause harmful side effects if not monitored carefully. Using the correct dosage for cigarettes ensures a clean taste without causing undesirable side effects.


The nicotine patch is another nicotine-delivery product. It enables the absorption of nicotine through the skin. This patch has liquid nicotine concentrate on its surface, which is placed on the skin. Most patches deliver a steady flow of nicotine throughout the day. Patches are available in multiple sizes and can deliver the equivalent of 20 cigarettes a day.

Care should be taken when using nicotine in a pure form to ensure an overdose does not occur. A standard cigarette gives a smoker the equivalent of 1 milligram of nicotine. Many nicotine-delivery systems can deliver higher doses then a normal cigarette.

A person can overdose from excessive nicotine, which will cause poisoning. This drug can cause serious side effects. Some examples include chest pain, dizziness, stomach pain, and seizures.

While a typical cigarette includes 9 milligrams of nicotine, much of that escapes into the air and a smoker only ingests about 1 milligram. An electronic cigarette typically delivers about this much nicotine as well. Other nicotine devices, including nicotine gum, can deliver higher doses and should be monitored closely, especially if used in conjunction with cigarettes and patches.


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