What is Liquid Fasting?

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Liquid fasting is a term used to refer to a period of time during which a person restricts his or her intake of solid foods but does consume liquids. It is only one of many forms of fasting, which usually is practiced to help the body heal and to assist it in fighting off disease, parasites, toxins and growths. Religious fasting also can be done by restricting one's nourishment to healthy drinks during a period of time. Generally, the liquids chosen are purified or spring water, fruit or vegetable juice and herbal tea. Some diets also prescribe certain liquid mixtures that are to be consumed while solid food is avoided for a particular amount of time.


Drinks that should be completely avoided, particularly while liquid fasting, include soft drinks and milk, as well as drinks sweetened with white sugar or artificial sweeteners because of the harmful effects they have on the body. All liquids consumed during the fast should be fresh; this means that any water, juice or tea chosen should not be frozen, canned or bottled. A juice machine often is employed during the liquid fast for the preparation of fresh fruit or vegetable juice that is completely free of additives. There are some guidelines that should be followed during liquid fasting by those who don't have special health concerns. Among these guidelines are the need to avoid mixing fruit and vegetable juices as a general rule and to include plenty of fresh water throughout the fast.

There are some precautions that should be taken before liquid fasting to avoid damaging one's health. Generally, a person who maintains a healthy weight for his or her height can safely fast for a period of 24 hours without consulting a medical doctor. Liquid fasting for periods longer than 24 hours usually is not recommended for people who are underweight or diabetic or who suffer from a disease or health condition that could be aggravated by abstaining from the intake of solid foods.

Other liquids that often are overlooked when making plans for liquid fasting include green drinks that are cleansing and highly nutritious. Many herbs can be used in the preparation of green drinks for the fast using a juicer or a blender. For example, carrots and lettuce can be juiced together. The mixing of a green bell pepper or a leafy green vegetable with another vegetable is a way of preparing a diluted green drink which is recommended for those who are not used to drinking green drinks. Homemade vegetable broths also are very nutritious and beneficial during liquid fasting.


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