What Is Lipstick Base?

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The term “lipstick base” can be used to describe two different products. The first type of base is also known as lip primer, and it is a neutral-colored cosmetic that is applied to the lips before lipstick, lip liner, or lip gloss. The other type of lipstick base is a substance that is used to make lipsticks, balms, or lip glosses. Manufacturers or individuals who want to make their own lip cosmetics can add various pigments to the base and then pack them into a tube, jar, or other container for later use.

Both makeup artists and individuals who wear color lip cosmetics use lipstick base for several different purposes. The first is to provide a matte surface for a gloss or lipstick to cling to, as this can make the lip color last longer, resulting in less need for reapplication during the day or evening. It can also discourage lipstick from smearing or feathering into the tiny lines around the mouth, which can greatly detract from its wearer's appearance.


It is also possible to use lipstick base to change the appearance of a person's lips. The user or a makeup artist can select a base that matches the wearer's skin tone so as to obscure the natural lip line. The makeup artist or user can then use a lip pencil to modify the lip line before filling it in with lipstick or gloss. In some cases, a lipstick base may be formulated as a lip plumper that encourages temporary swelling of the lips, creating a fuller mouth. This technique is typically not suited for daytime, however, as it may give the user a heavily made-up look.

Cosmetic companies and do-it-yourself makeup enthusiasts make use of lipstick bases when producing lip cosmetics. The formulation of a lipstick base will differ by manufacturer, but may include thickeners and waxes that provide texture to lip cosmetics. The base may also include oils as moisturizers along with vitamins and antioxidants that act as preservatives while also providing further protection for the lips. Some producers may sell lipstick base only to commercial manufacturers, while others will sell this product to anyone who is interested in making her own cosmetics. The lipstick base may be sold on its own or as part of a lipstick-making kit along with pigments that can be blended into the base to make custom lip colors.


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Post 3

There are plenty of lipsticks and lipstick bases you can buy that are comprised of only natural ingredients. I have a friend who makes her own lipstick colors because she enjoys the process. She orders the base from a company online and then adds the colors she created.

I'm sure you could also make your own base substance, but it does sound like it would be more work and more time than the average person would want to put toward making a lipstick.

Post 2

Most lipstick bases are made from castor bean oil and varying types of waxes. This combination accounts for about 50 percent of what you will find in the average lipstick base. Yes, some companies do add various chemicals and compounds to help lipstick and cosmetics in general stay fresh.

There have been some studies that indicate that these chemicals can be a factor in increasing the risks of certain kinds of cancers, but other studies have been non conclusive, so who knows?

Post 1

Recently I have been hearing more about exactly what goes into lipstick bases. Some of the chemicals some companies use concern me, and I am wondering whether the chemicals can be harmful.

When you think about it, one of the last places you want harmful chemicals is in your lipstick base since the substance is going directly on your lips, and eventually some of the chemicals are going to enter your body through your mouth. Does anyone else have concerns about the dangers of lipstick bases?

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