What is Lipozene&Reg;?

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Lipozene® is a medication that is utilized to assist people with weight loss. Considered to be one of the several drugs that function as a fat burner, Lipozene® is advertised as being a completely natural drug alternative that can help with obesity issues without causing a wide range of side effects. One of the main ingredients in Lipozene® is glucomannan, a fiber substance that is extracted from the Konjac Root.

Lipozene functions as a fat-burning drug.
Lipozene functions as a fat-burning drug.

This natural drug helps people lose weight by providing them with a sense of being full. By taking one or two capsules prior to each meal during the course of the day, the contents of the capsules expand in the stomach, creating a sense of being satisfied. Because of the fiber content, Lipozene® is also considered helpful in keeping the digestive tract healthy.

Lipozene® helps people feel full, making them more likely to lose weight.
Lipozene® helps people feel full, making them more likely to lose weight.

While this natural weight loss product is composed of natural ingredients, there are a few instances where Lipozene® may not be an appropriate choice. Generally, women who are pregnant or currently lactating are discouraged from using the product. There is also some chance of interaction with prescription medications. For this reason, it is generally recommended to consult a physician and verify that the contents of Lipozene® will not have an adverse impact on the efficacy of any prescriptions currently being taken.

The dosage taken before each meal is determined by the weight loss goals of the individual. In cases where a modest reduction in weight is desired, taking one capsule thirty minutes before a meal along with a glass of water is considered sufficient. If the amount of weight loss desired is more substantial, it is recommended that two capsules be taken. However, taking more than six capsules during the course of a day is generally discouraged, as there is no evidence that taking any more during a twenty-four hour period will create a quicker loss in excess weight and fat.

While the makers of Lipozene® do not guarantee any specific amount of weight loss, the claim is made that anyone taking the product will burn fat and lose weight. In the event that an individual does not experience at least some weight loss, the product can be returned for a refund.

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