What Is Lip Blush?

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Lip blush commonly refers to a makeup product that is used for a similar purpose as blush that is put on the cheeks. It is applied to the lips, usually in place of lipstick or lip gloss, to enhance the natural color of the lips. Lip blush is generally very sheer and much more matte than lipstick and lip gloss, and tends to look more natural and less like makeup than these products. Another definition of lip blush is a permanent cosmetic procedure that adds color to the lips.

The permanent makeup procedure called a lip blush is used both to add color to the lips and to contour the lips into a slightly different, usually fuller looking shape. During this re-contouring, the lips are not actually restructured; the permanent makeup is simply drawn slightly outside the natural lines of the lips to give the illusion that the lips are thicker than they really are. Most of the time, individuals who undergo this procedure choose natural colors and tones for their permanent lip color and avoid brighter colors that might not be appropriate for all situations. Due to the permanence of this procedure and the application by a skilled professional, this option is much more expensive than the price of a temporary lip product, but over time, the money saved from not having to continually buy lip products can add up and pay for the procedure.


Temporary lip blush makeup products come in containers similar to regular lipstick or lip gloss, and often include a brush or wand for careful application. Most lip blushes are meant to be applied thinly and then layered until the desired amount of color is achieved. This technique also helps the user blend the blush more easily than with the thicker applications typical of lipstick and lip gloss. Users can wear the blush alone on bare lips or apply a dab of clear or lightly tinted gloss on top of the blush for a glossy look.

Lip blushes are not as common as lipsticks and lip glosses, and may need to be ordered online in some areas that do not stock a large variety of makeup products in stores. They also tend to be slightly more expensive than the more commonplace items. This, combined with the shipping costs of ordering the products online, can make purchasing lip blushes more expensive than sticking with the usual choices. Many users, however, find that the unique look provided by the blush is worth the extra expense.


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