What is Lime Blossom?

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Lime Blossom is extracted from the tilaceae or linden blossom plant and used mainly as an herbal remedy. The extract is taken from the flowers this plant produces. Typically the lime blossom flowers are dried and used in teas but the extract can also be placed in capsules. It is thought that this extract can help with certain medical conditions. Lime blossom extract can also be found in colognes and perfumes because it is said to have a pleasant scent.

When consumed in a tea, lime blossom is thought to have a soothing effect. It can reduce stress and anxiety and it also helps people who suffer with insomnia. Stress can sometimes cause problems such as migraine headaches, cramps associated with menstruation, and colic. Lime blossom can help to eliminated pain caused by these conditions and it can also calm an excitable child. Depression can also be eliminated because lime blossom helps to promote an overall good feeling in people who suffer with mental or emotional problems.


When adults or children are suffering with a fever, lime blossom can help to lower it. The blood supply to the skin can be increased and this helps to lower the body’s temperature. Symptoms of illnesses like the cold or flu can also be greatly reduced because lime blossom addresses viral infections and the upper respiratory tract. It pushes toxins out of the body through sweating and it has an anti-spasmodic effect on coughing. Using lime blossom can also prevent asthma-related symptoms.

The relaxing effect of lime blossom works on the circulatory system. Conditions such as hypertension and high blood pressure can put a great deal of stress on the heart. By easing blood circulation and calming the central nervous system, a healthy cardiovascular system can be maintained. Lime blossom also reduces excessive gas and stomach upset that can put pressure on the stomach and the heart. This type of gas pain is often mistaken for a heart attack.

It was thought at one time, that due to the calming effect of this extract, it was responsible for causing certain heart related problems. Now, it is considered relatively safe because it can be given to children in smaller doses with no reported side effects. There are typically no restrictions when it comes to pregnant women or breast-feeding mothers taking this extract and there are also no known negative drug interactions.


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