What is Level Loop Carpet?

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Level loop carpet is a type of loop pile carpeting in which all of the loops are made the same size, to create a very even, smooth surface. The even surface of the carpet makes it more durable and easier to maintain than more textured carpeting, and some people select level loop carpeting for this very reaason. This style of carpeting comes in a assortment of colors and thicknesses, ranging from very thin carpeting to thicker Berber. Any carpet or flooring store will have level loop carpeting, typically in an assortment of colors for people to choose from.

It is possible to make level loop carpet either through weaving or through tufting. When the carpet is tufted, the loops are attached to a carpet backing with knots, while woven carpets are created by setting up a loom and creating loops of weft thread. Woven carpets also require a backing in the form of warp threads, which keeps the carpet sturdy and holds its shape.

Many carpet manufacturers make level loop carpet with very dense, closely spaced loops. This close spacing can help to keep dirt and stains out of the depths of the carpet. It also improves the insulation ability of the carpet, a very desirable trait in cooler regions of the world. The loops also tend to be very stiff, so they will hold up to high foot traffic, making level loop carpeting popular in schools, airports, and other well trafficked places.


There are a number of color variations when it comes to level loop carpet. In some cases, the carpet is made from a solid color, but carpeting with flecks of color tends to be more common. Flecked carpeting has more visual texture than solid carpeting, and it helps to conceal stains and spills better, as it is hard to differentiate between a stain and a natural color variation in the carpet. Some companies also make multicolored level loop carpet, classically in bold, striped patterns.

A common complaint about level loop carpeting is that it can be stiff and hard, making it less comfortable to walk or lounge on. Some people prefer softer cut pile carpeting, or cut and loop carpet, which mixes loops and cut pile for a more soft, textural look. Level loop carpeting with thick loops made from softer materials is also an option to consider; a carpet supply store usually has a stock of sample swatches available for customers to feel before they buy, and you may want to take advantage of this when considering what kind of carpet you want to install.


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