What is Lemongrass Soap?

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Lemongrass soap is homemade or commercially manufactured soap that contains some form of the medicinal herb lemongrass. The form usually added to both types of soap is the essential oil, but handmade soaps might also be made using a very strong infusion of the herb. Reasons for which lemongrass soap is made include the desire for a mild-scented cleanser that can be used for bathing, washing the face and washing the hair. Oily hair and skin are two conditions often treated with cleansers containing this herb, which is known for its ability to degrease the skin.

The sebaceous glands of the skin can be partially regulated by washing the skin with lemongrass soap, which is thought to have greater antibacterial properties than plain soap. People with oily skin and hair who would like to control the condition naturally by using this medicinal plant are encouraged to use a soap that contains it instead of the essential oil itself, which can cause irritation. Lemongrass soap easily can be made at home by following a basic recipe for a natural soap to which the essential oil can be added just before it hardens. Some people prepare a very strong infusion to serve as the lye water to which the fats and oils are added, but most of the desired properties of lemongrass soap are lost with this method.


Citronellal, one of the naturally occurring chemicals in lemongrass, is a mild insecticide, but traces of it that might be found in the soap will not necessarily repel insects and should not be trusted to help prevent potentially dangerous mosquito bites. Some people who don't have oily skin and hair choose to use lemongrass soap for its scent that is widely considered very pleasant and a natural deodorant. The soap can be a good choice for a naturally scented soap for those who suffer from allergies to chemically scented personal care products. It should be remembered that these soaps can contain extracts and essential oils of other medicinal and aromatic herbs as ingredients, so consumers are advised to read the list of ingredients carefully in case the product contains substances to which they are allergic.

If used in excess, essential oils such as the oil of lemongrass, which contains citronellal, can cause the skin to become more sensitive to sunlight, so they should be used very sparingly, even when added to natural soaps. They sometimes are diluted in what is known as a carrier, which could be olive oil or jojoba oil, before being applied to the skin. When making lemongrass soap in the home, there is no need for dilution because the essential oil can be added to the chosen fats and oils being used.


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Post 4

@literally45-- If the soap contains actual essential oils, please be careful. You might want to check with the manufacturer about how much essential oil is in there and I recommend reading customer reviews too.

Some people are actually allergic to essential oils. I'm allergic to lemongrass essential oil and cannot use anything with it. I had no idea until I used this type of soap. My skin became red, inflamed and itchy afterward. It's a good idea to check by trying the soap on a small area on your arm before showering or washing your face with it.

Post 2

@turquoise-- Have you noticed that it makes your skin drier or reduces acne and blemishes though?

My roommate uses a lemongrass and tea tree oil solid soap for her acne and swears by it. I have actually seen her skin improve with this soap although she does need to follow up with an oil-free moisturizer right away. Sometimes lemongrass can be too drying especially when it's used to dry out pimples.

The other advantage of this type of soap seems to be that there are 100% natural options out there without any chemicals and synthetic fragrances. All natural products are hard to come by in the facial cleanser aisle. I'm planning on switching to this same type of soap for my skin.

Post 1

I use lemongrass soap in the shower. I don't use it for its anti-oil properties though. I just use it because it smells good. Lemongrass has sort of an aromatherapy effect. I've noticed this whenever I've used anything with lemongrass, I have felt more relaxed and calm. Lemongrass is a refreshing scent and just makes one feel better. So it's a great idea to use soap with lemongrass in the shower or bath for that extra relaxing effect.

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