What is Lemongrass Shampoo?

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Lemongrass shampoo is a beauty product made with oil from the tropical lemongrass plant. This kind of shampoo is used to improve the body and luster of the hair. It is used by men and women alike who want to make their hair look fuller and shinier. By cleansing the hair of dirt and oil while also cleansing the scalp, lemongrass shampoo helps to make fine hair look fuller. Dirt and oil in the hair and on the scalp, even in small amounts, can weigh down each follicle, leaving the hair looking limp and dull.

One of the benefits of lemongrass shampoo is that it has gentle cleansing properties. This means that the shampoo will clean the hair without over-drying it. If the hair becomes too dry it can become brittle and hard to manage. Very dry hair can even break. Lemongrass shampoo helps to avoid these problems and keep the hair healthy by cleaning the hair without being too harsh on the scalp or follicles.


Lemongrass shampoo is often used by people who wash their hair on a frequent basis. This is because of the shampoo’s gentle cleansing properties. Anyone who shampoos their hair once a day or even more frequently runs the risk of over-drying the hair and scalp. Athletes, dancers, fitness gurus, and anyone who exercises and sweats on a daily basis may require a gentler shampoo for to be used during frequent washings. Even those living in a hot, humid climate or in an area that has particularly sweaty summers may need this kind of shampoo.

There are a number of companies that sell lemongrass shampoo and the prices of this product vary a great deal depending on the brand. While luxury beauty brands were the first to use lemongrass as an ingredient in their shampoos, even budget brands are beginning to introduce lemongrass shampoo into their product lines. Most companies that sell this kind of shampoo also sell lemongrass conditioner which is intended to complement and extend the benefits of the shampoo. Some even include styling products made with lemongrass oil in their product lines.

A new trend in beauty products is the shampoo bar. This is a solid shampoo that looks much like a bar of soap. When rubbed over the hair in the shower, the bar foams up and cleans the hair. A number of companies that manufacture and sell shampoo bars use lemongrass oil in one or more of their products.


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Post 6

I always just thought I had naturally dry hair until... I found out that you were not supposed to shampoo your hair every day! I had no idea. Everyone in my family washed their hair everyday. And then when I was in college I lived with athletes, so we were washing our hair every day.

I did not realize that it is recommended that you wash your hair on more of an every other day schedule until I read it in a magazine. Since my athlete days were over I thought I would try this radical idea of washing my hair every other day.

It made a huge difference, but I think from all of the years of

wear and tear from the constant washing and the ponytails I wore my hair is still a bit dry and damaged.

I am looking forward to trying the lemongrass and passing the word on about its gentle cleansing properties to my athlete friends. Shiny lustrous hair here I come!

Post 5

I use a clarifying lemongrass and sage shampoo on my hair along with a conditioner. This has made a big difference in my hair.

I have a lot of frizz in my hair, and with the humid summers we have, it can be hard to keep it under control.

This lemongrass shampoo really helps the texture of my hair without making it feel oily or greasy. I love how soft it feels and it does not leave a build up on my hair like a lot of other shampoos did.

Post 4

You don't need to buy lemongrass shampoo if you don't want to. While it does work great, it falls under one of those natural herbal shampoos which can be much more expensive than a regular store brand shampoo.

All you need to do if you want to make your own lemongrass shampoo is buy some lemongrass and boil the herb in distilled water. It works out to about one part water to five parts herbs. When the lemongrass is finished boiling strain it out with cheesecloth and save the liquid you gather.

Take the lemongrass water you have made and add it to some inexpensive baby shampoo and you'll have a cheap and easy lemongrass shampoo. This mix should really fix your hair and make it look nice and shiny.

Post 3

Lemongrass shampoo did wonders for my hair. I found my hair was really limp and it refused to cooperate when I wanted to style it. I decided to ditch my store shampoo and conditioner and went to a place that specialized in all natural beauty products.

It took me about a week before I really started seeing a positive change in my hair. My hair started to regain some gloss and actually seemed fuller after all the store products were stripped from my hair. I was really impressed with lemongrass shampoo and have stuck with it ever since.

A word of warning though, don't get lemongrass shampoo in your eyes as it stings like the devil.

Post 2

@indemnifyme - I think you should go for it. My sisters friend is a hair dresser and she actually recommended lemongrass shampoo to her awhile ago.

My sister is one of those people that absolutely has to wash her hair once a day or she just doesn't feel right. Unfortunately, this can really dry your hair out. So her friend told her to use the lemongrass shampoo since it won't dry your hair out as much.

After a few weeks, my sister said she could really see the difference.

Post 1

I've been looking for a good secondary shampoo, so to speak. I normally use dandruff shampoo when I wash my hair every other day. However, sometimes in the summertime I need to wash my hair every day.

I always feel a little sad when I see all the shampoo options at the store, but I've always had dry scalp. Dandruff shampoo is pretty boring!

But using that shampoo every two days seems to keep everything under control. So I think I would probably be OK using something different when I wash my hair on a day I normally wouldn't.

Lemongrass shampoo sounds like a really good option. I just love the smell of lemon! Also I think it would be nice to use a more natural alternative to the chemicals I usually put in my hair!

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