What is Lemon Verbena Perfume?

Diane Goettel

Lemon verbena perfume is a beauty product that is intended to be used to scent the skin. It is made with the essential oil of the lemon verbena plant, a flowering perennial shrub that is also sometimes referred to as "lemon beebrush." The Latin name for the plant is aloysia citrodora. The shrub emits a strong lemony scent. Its leaves are used in cooking, commonly to flavor seafood and poultry dishes.

Lemon verbena essential oil is derived from a plant that is native to South America.
Lemon verbena essential oil is derived from a plant that is native to South America.

In addition to its culinary uses, the lemon verbena plant is also often used in extract to create an essential oil which captures the scent of the plant. This essential oil, when added to fragrances for the body, creates a fresh, uplifting scent. In addition to being used in perfume, lemon verbena essential oil is also sometimes used in home spray, diffusers for the home, and body products such as body oil and body lotions.

Lemon verbena perfume is sometimes used at home as a spray.
Lemon verbena perfume is sometimes used at home as a spray.

Lemon verbena perfume often smells quite fresh and clean. For this reason, it is often worn in the spring and summer months. In climates with warm weather, it can be worn year round. Lemon verbena perfume is not just for the enjoyment of ladies. There are also some fragrance companies that use the essential oil in colognes for men. As it has a fresh, citrusy scent, it can be used in fragrances for either sex, unlike powerfully feminine essential oils such as rose oil.

Some budget fragrance brands sell lemon verbena perfume that is made without actually using lemon verbena essential oil. Instead, similar fragrances are used to create a similar smell. Alternatively, some less expensive lemon verbena fragrances are used with very little essential oil and a larger quantity of artificial fragrance. This is done so that the packaging can indicate that the lemon verbena perfume is made with the essential oil even though very little is used. This can offset the price of the ingredients for the manufacturer.

There are a number of beauty and fragrance companies that sell lemon verbena perfume, or perfumes that are made with the essential oil that comes from the aloysia citrodora plant. As the scent has become quite popular in recent years, more and more companies have adopted it into their product line. Lemon verbena perfume can also be made easily at home by mixing the essential oil with equal parts water and rubbing alcohol. The scent should be left to infuse for 48 hours before being used and should be mixed before each use.

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@burcinc-- Lemon verbena is a herb with a lemony scent. If a perfume is truly made from lemon verbena and not lemon essential oil, the scent should not be very potent.


@SarahGen-- I love lemon verbena too. It's actually difficult to find perfumes that have lemon verbena as the dominant scent. It's usually mixed with other citrus essential oils or flower scents or spice scents.

I believe there is a French brand that is basically completely lemon essential oil but I can't recall the name. You should look for perfume brands with "verbena" in the title, that's probably the best way to find them.

I love perfumes with a lemon scent. Even if it has been several hours since I sprayed it, I want the lemon scent to linger on my skin.

I've tried several different perfumes with lemon verbena until now but I can't say that I've found my favorite.

Is there anyone else here who's fond of lemon verbana perfume? Which is your favorite?

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