What is Lemon Balm Tea?

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When seeking an effective herbal tea, many people turn to lemon balm tea. This tea, which comes from the lemon balm herb, can be used for dozens of ailments, from digestive issues to wound treatments. It is also known for its pleasant flavor.

Lemon balm tea may be used as a remedy against indigestion. In this way, the herbal tea may help in reducing or curing vomiting, poor appetite, colitis, nausea, colic, dysentery, and other digestive ailments. It has also been used to increase perspiration when needed. Some say it has fever-reducing qualities.

Other lemon balm tea benefits may include toothache relief, rapid palpitation reduction, and general comfort when ill. Some believe that longterm use of lemon balm tea can promote longevity. People with nerve problems have taken the herbal remedy to help calm themselves and relieve stress. Topically, lemon balm tea has been used to treat wounds.

Bitter components within the tea may be used to help soothe gallbladder and liver complaints. Some people who suffer from mild depression rely on lemon balm tea for mood enhancement therapy. Issues with menstruation, such as strong pain, may also be remedied through use of the herbal drink.


Generally, lemon balm tea is caffeine-free. Both lemon balm tea bags and looseleaf tea are available for purchase. People who enjoy growing herbs can grow lemon balm to brew their own tea as well.

A standard recommended dose includes a single tea bag steeped in hot water for seven to twelve minutes. This will yield a strong-tasting, medicinal tea. Ideally, the tea should be covered during brewing. People requiring a quicker cup of tea can brew it for three to five minutes instead.

In the Mediterranean, lemon balm herbal tea has been used for thousands of years. The hardy perennial plant can be found growing in most areas. Also known as Bee Balm for its ability to attract honeybees, the lemon balm herb is known for its sweet, honey-lemon scent, hairy branching stems, and small white flowers. In addition to lemon balm herb tea, the plant has been used in foods, drinks, and other herbal concoctions for its health benefits and zesty flavor.

Several other names for this tea exist, including blue balm tea, cure-all tea, sweet balm tea, English balm tea, honey plant tea, common balm tea, and dropsy plant tea. For the most part, lemon balm is considered a very safe herb to take, both internally and externally. Pregnant and nursing women, as well as children, should still consult with a physician prior to ingesting any herbal tonic.


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Post 3

@anamur-- I'm not sure how to describe the scent and flavor of this tea, but it tastes really nice. Not at all medicine like if you don't put too much tea or brew it for too long. I only brew mine for a few minutes. It gives a nice yellow color and smells flowery and citrus-like.

If you have stress problems, this tea will really help. I drink it for anxiety. I have an anxiety disorder that I take medication for. When the medication isn't enough, I have a cup of this tea and I feel so much better.

As far as I know, it has no side effects. But like all herbal teas, it can counteract with medications. So if you take medicines, check with your physician to make sure that it's okay. My doctor said that it's fine with my medicine.

Post 2

@fify-- I've read about melissa tea! From what I remember, "melissa" means "bee" in Greek. The Greeks named this plant after bees because apparently, bees find the scent of this plant really attractive. It's supposed to smell like lemons or lemongrass. Does it really smell that way?

I don't have trouble sleeping. But I have a very stressful job and I like having decaf teas that will help relax me. It sounds like lemon balm tea would be perfect for that, granted I don't drink it in the middle of the day of course. I wouldn't want to fall asleep on the job!

Does lemon balm have any side effects? Is there a recommended "dose" that we need to stick to?

Post 1

My family is from the Mediterranean where lemon balm tea is called melissa tea. My mom bought it because it was recommended to her for insomnia. She has trouble falling asleep at night and was looking for a herbal tea that would help.

So we started drinking a cup of lemon balm tea every evening. This tea is so amazing! It's really fast, it makes you sleepy in about five minutes. I only drink it right before I want to sleep for that reason. My mom has not had problems falling asleep since she started drinking this tea, it's awesome!

It's also very relaxing. If I make this tea strong, I feel like I was given tranquilizers!

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